The Perfect Location For Your Valentine’s Day Evening

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching this year, the stress of planning the perfect romantic evening looms. With busy work schedules, trying to fulfill new years resolutions, and everyday responsibilities, couples often find it difficult to find quality time to spend with one other. Plus, dinners on Valentines Day can sometimes feel overrated and you may be looking for something different this year. Hot tubs serve as the perfect way to bring couples closer together and enjoy the day of love together. Hot tubs also serve as a romantic getaway right in the comfort of your own backyard, a private oasis without the hassle of restaurant reservations, busy airports, or stuffy airplanes. Hot tubs allow couples to have the opportunity to laugh, talk, and have fun together, make unforgettable memories, and become closer as a couple, while enjoying a relaxing water-jet massage.

Hot tubs also provide significant health benefits and are proven to alleviate common problems like muscle tension. Stress levels can be reduced through the use of water massage therapy, which helps the body release “happiness hormones”, known as endorphins, that can help reduce stress naturally, without the use of expensive treatments or medications. In addition to stress reduction, hydrotherapy jets also dilate blood vessel, to promote good blood flow, in order to reduce the frequency and severity of headaches. Hot tubs can additionally assist in getting the best possible sleep. If you soak in hot water before bed, it can help you achieve deeper levels of sleep. Hot tubs provide a relaxing and peaceful experience for Valentine’s Day, and demonstrate to have health benefits that remain long past your time in the tub.

Aromatherapy is a perfect way to set the romantic mood for your Valentine’s Day hot tub date night. Adding fragrant essential oils to your hot tub’s water stimulates your scent receptors and sends a signal to the section of your brain that controls emotions. A variety of fragrances can be used to stimulate different moods and emotions. As an example, relaxation can be stimulated using lavender oils, while jasmine and eucalyptus oils are refreshing and energizing. Hot Tubs also come with LED Lights in a wide variety of colours to help set the mood and tone of evening. The lights can be used to create an ambient, warm environment or a livelier, energetic evening. The lighting system can also be used to relax and take in a beautiful sunset, or watch the stars together and enjoy each other’s company. A great music playlist can set just the right mood, so load up your phone or tablet with your favourite Valentine’s Day classics and play them through the built-in high quality surround sound stereo system. An additional waterfall feature provides soothing background noise.

Owning a hot tub provides you with a great and easy way to have the perfect “date” spot right at home. A hot tub date on Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to relax and reconnect, in a convenient and intimate atmosphere. If you have any questions about hot tubs or would like to book a consultation to review what hot tub options would work best in your home, give us a call or send us an email and our experts will get in touch with you in time for your special day.

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