More and More Pool Owners are Realizing the Benefits of Pool Safety Covers

Everything about pool ownership is an investment – from the equipment and supplies, to the ongoing maintenance. As such, more and more pool owners are realizing the benefits of pool safety covers. And while safety is the likely the biggest overall benefit, swimming pool covers provide a host of other benefits. In short, pool covers are one of the better investments.

The primary benefits of pool safety covers

Swimming pool covers provide an effective covering for the pool that is tight, flush, and secure. A good cover is strong enough to hold the weight of an adult. And this makes it very safe for pool owners who have smaller children and/or pets. The more traditional covers are not as safe.

Pool safetyA well-designed pool safety cover is easy-to-store and requires far less handling and maintenance than a traditional vinyl cover. Vinyl covers are quite different when it comes to installation, handling and storage – something that a new pool owner would be wise to inquire about.

For swimming pool owners who may not have a giant pool shed, safety covers are the ideal option. They can be folded and easily stored in an allocated space in the garage. In this way, the cover is free from any potential damage and is easily accessible for a time when it’s needed.

Safety covers are easy to clean – they can simply be hosed down and gently scrubbed to remove dirt and debris. When clean, the cover is ready for storage, and ready to be used when the pool is closed down. Pool safety covers are also perfect for backyards that have a lot of tree leaves.

The benefits of pool safety covers go beyond safety

Today’s swimming pool safety covers are visually appealing – and are available in a variety of colours. Many pool owners actually like to match colours with the surrounding landscape.

The better safety covers are built to weather the harshness of winters. They are manufactured with the latest in high-tech materials, and usually come with a long-term product warranty.

In terms of hardware, safety covers come equipped with specially designed stainless steel fittings that can be easily affixed to brick, wood, or concrete decks. The fit is both tight and secure.

Find out more about the benefits of pool safety covers

To find out more about swimming pool safety covers, the experts at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs can recommend a product and installation that would best suit the need. Safety covers are truly a good investment, regardless of the size and shape of a pool. And with a proper installation, the cover will provide many long years of service.

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, our people make every effort to build solid customer relationships – it’s probably why so many customers have returned year after year. Pool owners shopping for safety covers in Toronto and the GTA can call Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs at 905-294-8030 or visit the website at

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