What you will be Missing if You Don’t Have a Hot Tub This Winter

We all know how nice it is during the summer to sit pool-side with a cold drink in your hand. Not to mention how nice it is to spend the weekends, worry free, floating around the pool with your friends and family. However, as soon as September or October rolls around, you are not able to use your pool as often as you did in the summer. But there is a permanent solution if you love lounging and relaxing in the water all year long, and that is with a hot tub!

Besides sitting pool side in the summer under the sun, there is no better feeling than sitting and relaxing in a hot tub on a cold winter’s night. We also all know how cold it can get in Canada during the winter, so being able to spend some time outside without freezing doesn’t come around as often as some might think! Having a hot tub in the winter, you won’t have to worry about being outside at any time of day, because you will be surrounded by the hot and bubbly water of your hot tub.

Not only will having a hot tub mean you are able to spend time outside during the winter, but you will also be able to have romantic nights with that special someone. Having a hot tub is the perfect date-night idea. Grab a glass of wine and your partner, sit back and enjoy. After having a long work week behind you and a new one ahead, spending a romantic night in your hot tub will be the perfect weekend fix!

But your time in your hot tub does not have to be romantic, it is also a fantastic place to hang out with friends! Everyone has their long work weeks, so why not give your friends the ability to unwind with you. Grab your girlfriends, your buddies, or all of them together, and spend the night in relaxing at your place. Forget going out to unwind after the work week, you can do it at home!

You may not have a hot tub, but this winter you may want to look for one. The amount of times you wish you were able to slide into hot, bubbling water, with a glass of wine or with your friends and family, will make you wish you could do so in your backyard! There are so many different options of hot tubs you can purchase. They can be above ground, you can put them below ground, you can design the shape and size, you can even choose what colour light bulbs you want inside the tub!

For more information on what type of hot tubs you can invest in, or how you can even upgrade your current hot tub, visit www.seawaypoolsntubs.com, or give us a call to speak to a representative at 905-294-8030. Your relaxing winter weekend is just a click or a phone call away!

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