Inground Pool Options That Are Trending In 2016

We are always flipping through magazines or following bloggers on social media to capture the latest trends. So why not spice up our homes with the latest trends by exploring popular inground pool options as well? Inground pool options can make great updates to your home without any major renovations. If you’re planning on installing a new pool, pick inground pool options that best reflect the beauty standards of 2016; or if you already own a pool, spice it up with what’s currently in style. Here are some inground pool options that are trending in 2016 that will help your pool stand out amongst the others by having better designs, features, and variations.

With the wave of minimalism sweeping across the worlds of art and fashion, inground pool options have also not escaped this phenomenon. More people are looking for simpler, cleaner, more sophisticated designs. Unlike the previously sought after freeform pools, classic geometric shaped pools such as square, rectangles, and circles, are regaining popularity. In order for these pools to be more aesthetically pleasing, another trending inground pool option — glass tiles — is put in place along the waterline of the pool. As light shines, the small, translucent tiles glisten and shift from colour to colour, creating a dreamy glow on the surface of the pool. Underwater, LED lighting is also an affordable inground pool option that can create beautiful, multi-coloured light shows.

Although the shapes of the pools may have reverted back to a more standard form, the extra features are not swept away. For families who wish to live everyday as “vacation-day,” hot tubs, spas, fountains, waterfalls, and shades are all inground pool options that can be added to allow for more relaxation as well as create a more exotic atmosphere. Amongst the most popular of these inground pool options are tanning ledges, which are areas in the pool with less than 12’’ of water. They offer a perfect place for chaise lounges and for children and pets who do not wish to spend time in deep waters.

Aside from the aesthetics and luxurious features, in 2016, there are also technological advancements in inground pool options to ensure extra comfort. Regular maintenance of pools is very burdensome for most owners. But now, with automation systems, mundane tasks can be done automatically or through an app on your smartphone. Installing a salt water system is also a growing trend. For many years, people have wanted to replace chlorine with something less harmful. Although this new inground pool option still has its drawbacks, most residential pools nowadays have accepted it as common practice.

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