In-ground swimming pools in Toronto

Needless to say, not all in-ground swimming pools are created equal, and neither are all swimming pool companies.  So when it comes to in-ground swimming pools in Toronto, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs would be worth your consideration.  We’ve been designing and building in-ground pools for many years, having completed thousands of backyard projects, and won numerous industry awards.  We like to see ourselves as masters in creating backyard makeovers.  We do our best to understand each of our customer’s needs, and we make sure to appreciate the significance of each customer’s investment.

Everyone at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs knows that an in ground swimming pool project is a big deal – that’s why we think it’s so important to hire a company that is reputable and reliable.  Equally important is a company that offers quality products, builds well, and provides excellent service.  We’ve been designing and building in ground swimming pools in the GTA for 35 years, and we’ve built our business reputation based on a commitment to 3 principles: we sell only the best products in the market; we focus on quality construction/installation; and we ensure the highest degree of customer service.

For us, an inground swimming pool project might be a totally new installation, a renovation of an existing pool, or a full retrofit with some impressive new features.  We actually have many customers who return to us:  they may want to rebuild the concrete surrounding an existing inground pool; they may want to enhance their environment with some water features or new lighting; or, they may just want replacement parts and upgrades.  Whatever they need, there isn’t much that we can’t accommodate, whether it’s a piece of equipment or a type of service.

Many of our inground pool installations include landscape design, but whatever the scope of the project, we start off with a detailed plan of the overall concept.  We prepare the design to give a realistic impression of what the finished swimming pool and environment could look like.  Initially, one of our staff works with you so as to understand the physical needs, the wants and desires, and the specific budget.  It’s these types of pre-requisites that allow our design team to come up with a workable design plan.  It’s also at this stage that we explore some of our special options – things like customized waterfalls, patterned cement or custom stonework, even special lighting features.  Our job is to help you create the swimming pool environment of your dreams – and our people are committed to turning those dreams into reality. 

For many years now, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs has established a reputation building inground swimming pools in Toronto.  We belong to The Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada, following their code of ethics, and committed to their standards of workmanship.  We also belong to the IPG Group, and represent their products and services.  And finally, we’re affiliated with the Kafko™ Pro Builder Network, a member-driven group of professionals who are committed to being the best in the industry.  With every one of our partners, suppliers and manufacturers, we provide product warrantees (and our own service guarantee) that we fully stand behind.  We don’t focus on “fine print” conditions, and we back all products, parts, and equipment that we sell.  This company policy applies to new inground pool construction, renovation work, and ongoing maintenance or repairs.

If you’re ready to launch your inground swimming pool project, its worth considering Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs.  We pride ourselves on the experience and expertise that allows us to offer a seamless process through the various steps of your project.  What this means is a hassle-free relationship that starts at the design stage, and follows through to the end of the construction phase.  From beginning to end, our customer service commitment is maintained, and it continues even after construction is complete (a period we call “after-market”).

Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs are considered to be leaders in vinyl-lined in-ground swimming pools, and it’s primarily because of our emphasis on quality construction.  Unlike the others, we’re confident when we guarantee the “structural integrity” of every in-ground swimming pool we build.  We can do this because our construction process is so comprehensive – we install a two-stage concrete bottom base; structurally, we use galvanized steel; and of course, the vinyl liner is custom fit to suit each form.  We also use gravel as a back fill, which assures optimum drainage.  Best of all is our quality control – our President and owner (Craig Walters) oversees every project, instilling an ingredient of integrity in everything we do.

The professional installation teams at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs always work under the umbrella of best construction practices – there are no shortcuts; all by-laws are respected; and building codes are followed.  As a customer, you can rest assured that we use the best parts and equipment available; top-quality fittings and shut-off valves; and water care products that deliver the maximum in performance and value.  Most importantly, our efforts on your behalf don’t stop just because our construction work is done.  We provide you with after-market service that is unequalled in the industry – and it includes FREE lifetime water analysis through one of our retail stores.  You can also feel satisfied that we’ll always have the knowledgeable, well-trained staff to answer questions and provide guidance on any problems that arise.

Whatever in-ground swimming pool you decide on, our staff will provide an orientation session to get things started properly – they will make sure that everyone in the household understands the basic operation, maintenance, and safety aspects of the new equipment and they will answer pertinent questions that arise.  But there’s even more – our two retail stores (one in Markham, the other in Newmarket) carry practically everything you’ll need in terms of parts and equipment – even for emergency situations that are unforeseen.  And, of course, our retail staff is always ready to help – they are all well trained, understand the nuances of water chemistry, and can offer advice and guidance on many issues.

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