In Ground Swimming Pool Makeovers

Regardless of the scope of work, there does come a time when a swimming pool makeover will be necessary. Beyond clean and tidy, an in ground pool needs to be inviting and enticing – it has to be an environment that’s appealing and welcoming. However, over time, pools can become quite outdated, and they need to be revitalized. It takes a vision, some ingenuity, and a pool contractor who has the skill and experience to do the transformative work.

A pool makeover can take on various forms – everything from a brand new shape, to new and improved construction materials, to fancy water and fire features. And the ideas are endless. To be sure, a swimming pool that has been around for 30 years is going to need some work, if only to keep things contemporary. This is where a good pool contractor can be an asset, with brilliant ideas, new product offerings, and high quality workmanship.

How about an outdoor living area with kitchen?

Reinventing a pool environment by enhancing the outdoor living space can make a big difference, especially with an outdoor kitchen. The design elements will keep things fresh and modern while the rebuilding will ensure a spacious lounge area, a cooking area, and a comfortable dining area. Colour schemes and high-end materials like stainless steel can create a finished look that just sparkles. And smooth patterned concrete can quickly transform old, outdated wooden decking.

Adding an outdoor fireplace can also be a striking part of a makeover. And depending on budget, fancy water features and high tech lighting might also be elements to consider. Importantly, this type of project requires plenty of planning, and a good deal of patience (things always take longer and cost more than originally planned). Even the design process is worth the time, because ideas, adjustments and fine-tuning always make for better outcomes when working collaboratively.

Completely transforming the shape and design.

Where physically possible, and with some design ingenuity, a new “shell” can be created within the physical space of an existing pool. With this approach, a whole new look can be fashioned – a new shape for the pool, perhaps an integrated hot tub, even a totally re-designed deck area. And along with the new shape and new features, some re-landscaping can totally transform what was a tired and aging swimming pool. Here again, the scope of work will be dependent on the budget.

With this type of project, major repairs and retrofits can also be incorporated into the project as a whole. This might include an automatic pool cover (also provides insulation); colorful LED lights in the pool and hot tub; and safer, more functional steps throughout. For the homeowner, a big project like this should focus on improvements and enhancements that will bring long life to the swimming pool, and years of recreational satisfaction. It’s more than just about the aesthetics.

Whatever the scope of the makeover, its vital to contract a swimming pool company that is trusted, reliable, and reputable. This is where Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs can make a contribution, with over 35 years of designing, building, and renovating in ground swimming pools.

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