In ground Swimming Pool Insulation

In recent years, and with the increased focus on energy savings, more and more homeowners are opting for swimming pool insulation when building their new pool. Pre-construction insulation (including pre-fab concrete forms) have become almost routine in the construction of foundation walls and even retaining walls, and today, swimming pools are part of the regimen. And since many swimming pools are built at the same time as an accompanying residential home, it’s a definite advantage to insulate the pool while insulating the home.

Insulating Concrete Forms (known in the construction industry as ICF) provide both insulation and structural strength at the same time. When it comes to building a swimming pool, one of the benefits of ICF is that the concrete forms can be customized to accommodate any shape and size of pool. It has become an effective, versatile, and cost-efficient approach to pool building. And when a typical homeowner begins to understand that about 80% of swimming pool heat is lost from the bottom and sides, insulation approach starts to make sense.

It’s sometimes difficult to look into the future and measure long-term savings. But clearly, scaling down the 80% of heat loss in a pool is going to have a dramatic effect on energy consumption and savings every year. Simply put, heated pool water will remain heated longer, and will reduce the cost of utilities. Indeed, in many cases, the swim season will be lengthened as a direct result of the insulation. In terms of initial investment, ICF in newly built pools is sure to deliver a reasonable payback period, making the project investment well worth it long term.

While there may be some debate about insulating an in ground pool, and some further discussion about the benefits, a reputable pool contractor would be a valuable asset in assessing the pros and cons. For this, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is worth considering – mainly because the team will recommend only the most viable approach to the project. And beyond assessing and evaluating, homeowner requisites will be satisfied, and budgetary needs accommodated. It’s a business approach to pool building that focuses entirely on customer satisfaction.

With Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, customers feel confident that quality is at the forefront of every project. Construction teams work according to best practices; they conform to local by-laws; and they work by the code. In short, there are no construction shortcuts and no project compromises. Even quality control is at the highest standard – the President, Craig Walters, oversees the build, and ensures a level of business integrity that is unparalleled in the pool business. From design, to construction, to completion, construction and workmanship is guaranteed.

By any definition, insulating an in ground swimming pool is not work for a non-professional. The latest insulation products are leading edge, and the most current installation techniques require skill and professional expertise. After all, this is a project that must be done right the first time, and working with a contractor like Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs will pay dividends.

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