How to Turn Your Backyard Into a Winter Getaway

Can’t take your family on a vacation this winter? Perhaps you’re tied down by work or perhaps you are working with a tight budget. Or maybe you’ve already come back home from a vacation. No matter the case, you don’t have to be disappointed. Instead of sulking, why not turn your own backyard into a winter getaway? If you follow the right steps and procedures, you can create your dream vacation in your home.

You’ve walked through your backyard countless number of times without giving it a second glance, so add decorations to make it more exotic. The fastest way to make your backyard appear foreign is to change the aesthetics. Plant a gazebo in your yard and wrap rope lights around for a magical glow. If you don’t like canopies, you could also spice up your house by hanging tapestries outside for a more Bohemian look. Remember all those times you went to the beach and enjoyed leisurely rocking on a hammock? Hang a hammock in your own yard and catch up on the reading you never got a chance to finish. You could also build a porch swing, where you can relax and look at the beautiful scenery.

Since it’s winter, it will be cold outside, so invest in outdoor heaters to keep you and your family warm. Porch heaters are the most economical and do just as good of a job as other outdoor heaters. With heating available, you can dine Al Fresco with your family. To change moods and make it more romantic, you can light up some candles and hang some flowers. You could also re-create fun family camping moments by building a fire pit. Sit around the fire pit with blankets and roast some marshmallows. Also, don’t forget about s’mores! There’s no campfire without s’mores, so pile up on the chocolates and graham crackers.

If you already have a pool and hot tub installed, then take advantage of them and transform your house into the best vacation spot! Don’t neglect your pool as soon as winter hits. By installing pool heaters, you can prolong your swimming season. Add some pool floats and fake tropical plants, mix a nice cocktail and enjoy your “vacation”! Another fantastic way to shake off your winter blues is by jumping in your jacuzzi. The hot tub will keep you warm while you enjoy the nice winter sunshine. Or even better, you and your family can cuddle in the jacuzzi at night while watching the stars.

Excited about turning your backyard into winter getaway but don’t have what you need to make a perfect at home vacation yet? At Seaway Pools and Hot Tubs, we specialize in anything related to pools and hot tubs. Feel free to book an appointment today and make the most out of your winter at home! If you have any more questions or concerns, you can reach us at 905-294-8030, or our toll free number 1-888-494-8030, or our email address

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