How to Select the Right Pool Builder

When choosing a pool builder for your swimming pool project, the process should be focused and systematic. This is a major construction project requiring a serious capital investment, so making smart decisions will make a big difference. The last thing a homeowner should rely on is pretty pictures, sales hype, or a low, low price. And like anything, you really do get what you pay for – so being an informed and educated consumer is advantageous in so many ways.

As the buyer, you can make a list of fifty pre-requisites, or you can go with a “top ten” list, but either way, the essentials are straightforward: you want a builder who is reputable, reliable, and trusted; you want a quality product that is built to last and expertly installed; and finally, you want customer service that will provide a stress-free construction experience. More than anything else, these essentials will determine the successful outcome of the pool project.

A sound reputation and proven reliability are absolutely key when selecting a pool builder. Companies who belong to The Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada, for instance, will bring a welcome element of credibility to a pool project. This is because members are expected to abide by an established Code of Ethics, and are further committed to providing the highest standards of workmanship. Members are also dedicated to best construction practices.

When it comes to quality products, it’s important to choose a pool builder who is associated with top-tier manufacturers and suppliers. This will ensure that the installed swimming pool, all of the related equipment, and all of the special features are top quality. In addition, the top-tier companies also stand behind their products unequivocally, and provide solid warranties, whether it’s for new construction, renovations, retrofits, repairs or maintenance.

The last thing any homeowner wants when pool construction finally commences is a stressful experience. A good contractor will promise (and deliver) a hassle-free process that begins at the design stage and continues through to the construction phase. Indeed, you should insist on total and complete attention: your prerequisites should be addressed; your budget should be respected; and your dreams for a fabulous swimming pool should be recognized.

Creativity should also be part of the mix. The pool builder you choose should be experienced, and with that experience should come concepts and ideas that will inspire you and excite. Not everything will be doable or affordable. But at least there are ideas to debate and discuss – like a freestanding cabana; maybe a fancy waterfall; perhaps some unique, special stonework; or even some innovative lighting features. Whatever it is, its up to the builder to impress.

For any pool project, regardless of size, dedicated customer service is a must. It’s required throughout the lifespan of the project, but should also continue once the project is complete. This is known as the “after-market” period, and a good builder will be there for you, with a service package that includes (amongst other things) an orientation session when the pool is launched. It will include overall pool operation, maintenance routines, and safety protocol.

In the end, you’re the customer, and you’re paying the bills – so make decisions that will ensure your satisfaction. As such, your pool contractor should be ready and willing to deliver.

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