How to Repair a Tear or Hole in Your Hot Tub

You came in for a soak and saw a tear or a hole in your tub. What do you do next? Will you need to replace the entire thing? Is it fixable? Is it going to be expensive? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, and have all the answers you’re looking for! Generally, repairing a tear or a hole in a hot tub isn’t a difficult process. It is a common problem that can occur in many hot tubs, and it is always handy to know potential fixes ahead of time. Let’s discuss these fixes.

1. Drain and Inspect the Cracks

In order to repair the tear or hole properly, you will need to do a clear inspection after you drain the water out of your hot tub. Make sure you wipe everything clean and wear safety gear before doing any repair.

2. Prevent Tear or Hole from Spreading

To prevent any crack from spreading, you have to drill a small hole (usually about 1/16 inch in diameter) at the end and at the beginning of the tear or hole.

3. Choose a preferred fix/method

Depending on the size of the tear or hole, you could either choose to fix it using a fiberglass repair mixture or using a fiberglass mesh.
– If you decide to use the fiberglass repair mixture, then following step 2, you have to increase the tear or hole depth to at least 1/16 inch but no more than 3/16 inch using a cordless rotary drill. Then sand the surface using sandpaper to ensure that it is smooth. Apply a small amount of acetone into a dry towel and use the towel to remove any debris or dust from the surface area. Mix the fiberglass repair mixture well and apply it to the tear or hole using a craft stick, overflow the crack slightly to ensure that everything is covered. Let dry for 4 hours and sand the surface to smoothen.
– If you choose the fiberglass mesh instead, then you have to cut out 7 mesh pieces are larger than the tear or hole and get consecutively larger than the last. You then have to mix these an epoxy solution and apply this solution onto the mesh pieces. Layer these mesh pieces from smallest to largest onto the tear or the hole, make sure to let dry before applying the next layer. After all of the layers are done and become dry, add a final layer of the epoxy solution onto the surface of the hot tub.
Next time you find a tear or hole in your hot tub, you will now know the best solution to fix it. If you are uncertain if you’re able to do the fixes well, it is best to call a professional for assistance. Feel free to call us at 905-294-8030 or email us at and we’ll setup an appointment to repair the holes in your hot tub with you.

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