How to Maximize Energy Efficiency in Hot Tubs

Today, more and more consumers are focused on energy efficiency as they consider the purchase of a hot tub. While this is an environmental issue overall, for the homeowner this is about saving money on ever-increasing utility costs. Throughout the hot tub industry, energy efficiency is also becoming a focus, and high efficiency insulation is becoming a hot topic. No doubt that this can add additional cost to a hot tub, but the long-term savings make the investment worthwhile.

For many hot tub manufacturers, insulating the hot tub cavity is part of the fabrication process. The idea is to completely seal the air space, ensuring that no moisture or air can move in or out of the cavity. Hence, the water inside the hot tub is insulated, and therefore protected from any external temperature impacts. Very much like an insulated home, the insulated hot tub cavity will conserve energy and consequently save money on utility costs. Annual savings are impressive.

The principal behind hot tub insulation is to prevent unwanted airflow – it means preventing the loss of valuable water heat. Hence, the insulating process at the manufacturing stage is critical. Here, a special formula of foam insulation is sprayed into the hot tub cavity – it expands to fill the space completely and totally seals every little gap and hole. The foam quickly hardens and creates an impenetrable barrier that prevents both air and moisture from moving in or out of the cavity.

A good quality hot tub, specifically manufactured for the cold weather in Canada, should be fully insulated. This will conserve valuable energy and will save on water heating costs. Full insulation ensures optimum energy efficiency, and industry testing shows that a fully insulated hot tub will substantially decrease energy consumption. Indeed, when the hot tub cavity is 100% insulated, homeowners can be assured of the ultimate in energy savings, regardless of the season.

The best hot tub manufacturers are committed to energy efficiency. They continually test and analyze performance levels, and make improvements using the latest technologies. And because hot tubs use a lot of electricity, here again energy efficiency is important. There’s water heating to consider; circulation and filtration; even lighting and control switches. Everything uses electricity and wherever possible, energy conservation is necessitated – it all adds up in the end.

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, supplying and installing the best quality hot tubs is our business. We feature Beachcomber® Hot Tubs, manufacturers of the most energy efficient hot tubs in the world. These are hot tubs designed for maximum energy efficiency – they are 100% insulated; with “smart” digital controls for better efficiencies; with heat-shield covers to retain heat; and with optimized water filtration cycles. Everything is designed for the highest performance level.

For Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, quality hot tubs go hand in hand with quality customer service. It’s a business approach that is unmatched in the industry. And our customers can be assured that we stand behind every product that we sell, and guarantee every installation.

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