How To Choose The Right Pool Design

Choosing the right pool design is fundamental when installing a new swimming pool. Whether it’s an in-ground pool, or above-ground pool, it’s the shape, size, and layout that will be critical to the “big picture”. This is where a good pool contractor can be valuable. They will have the experience and expertise to advise on various options, and will be capable of working around problems that may pose installation complications. The better the decision making, the better the outcomes.

Pool Design TorontoEvery homeowner has a different physical space, different personal needs, and different issues that are unique to the installation. And while there are many decisions and turning points when installing a new pool, some of the basics are common to everyone. Indeed, for most, an organized checklist is a great way to keep things on track and ensure that things are always going forward.

Confirming the available space for the pool

Clearly, the physical space available will dictate the size and shape of the proposed pool. As well, physical limitations will also have a bearing on positioning and layout. Once decided, it’s the time to consider various designs (and construction options).

Keeping a close eye on the project budget

Project budget is always an important consideration, and clearly, a big project also means a big budget. The more important thing is to ensure maximum value, and with a good contractor, there are many ways to fine-tune the plan for the best ROI.

Consider who will use the swimming pool

Needless to say, every home and family has different needs and prerequisites when installing a pool. When there are young kids, pool usage will be different than with teenagers. Here again, the size and shape (and depth) will have to be considered.

Additional reasons for installing a pool

For swimmers and athletes, a “lap pool” may be the right type of swimming pool to choose. At the same time, a pool purely for family recreation may require a different style and shape. For some, a separate hot tub area may also be part of the picture.

Landscaping is also an important factor

Landscaping is an important component of a pool installation and another addition to the budget.  It’s all part of the big picture, and takes into consideration the pool, the outdoor environment, and usually some of the home’s design elements.

Not to forget the space around the pool

The actual space around the pool may be relevant for regular traffic, but there are also safety rules and by-laws that matter. And while space for furniture and pool accessories is required, pool safety and security are the highest of priorities.

Choosing a specific pool style and design

Shopping around showrooms, and reading pool magazines may be helpful in deciding on a pool design, but nothing comes close to the advice from a pool contractor who has years of experience installing pools – they know what works best.

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