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It is an inevitable reality for pool owners everywhere that at some point in time their vinyl pool liners will have to be replaced. So how long do vinyl pool liners last? Some have unrealistic expectations on how long vinyl pool liners will last and like most products, there are a number of variables that will impact the lifespan of your vinyl pool liners.First and foremost, it is important to dispel the myth that vinyl pool liners can last in excess of 20 years. This is a common belief held by pool owners and is due mainly to the warranties that accompany vinyl pool liners that are advertised as 20-30 year warranties despite the fact that that does not accurately represent the true lifespan of them.  Here are some of the variables that can impact the duration of your vinyl pool liners.

Proper Pool Maintenance Can Make Your Vinyl Pool Liner Last Longer

Maintenance is always the key with anything pool related but not simply any maintenance, more specifically preventative maintenance is your best bet to catch all issues in your pool and this is no less true when it comes to vinyl pool liners. A number of issues can cause your pool liner to suffer including but not limited to: water chemistry, water level and family swimming pool vinyl liner seaway professional pool installers torontocovering your pool when not in use. Your pool liner is more likely to quickly deteriorate if the water in your pool is too acidic. Therefore, it is always important to keep your chemical level in your pool balanced and not to add undiluted chemicals directly as those are the main culprits that can eat away at your pool liner. Water level is equally important as insufficient water level can lead to the shrinking and subsequent tearing of your pool liner. Keeping your water level at an appropriate level can also help you monitor your pool liner for any small nicks and tears that can and should be taken care of before they become a bigger issue overall. This issue can also be mitigated by taking the proper precaution in covering your pool. Unwanted plant material and debris is notorious for causing those small tears in your liner which can quickly lead to the total deterioration of the liner.

Experts at Seaway Pools and Hot Tubs Can Professionally Install Vinyl Pool Liners

However, by far the most common cause of vinyl pool liners needing to be replaced is an improper installation. It is important to ensure the installation of your pool liner is done properly which should mean that no wrinkles or tears are present as the liner is suctioned to the pool wall. If one is not experienced or is uncomfortable in installing a vinyl pool liner the best advice would be to hire a professional to do so.
If taken care of, you can expect your vinyl pool liner to have a long-life span and depending on these variables you can get between 6-12 years for your inground pool and 6-10 years for your above ground pool. It may not seem like much but these small steps could be the difference between buying a new liner in 6 years or 12.

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