How Hot Tubs Can Help You Sleep Better

For many, tossing and turning during the night is nothing new. Neither is feeling tired or fatigued in the morning. For the most part, these are routine conditions, and don’t necessarily require any physician intervention. In fact, sleep specialists have found that sleep quality is directly related to pre-sleep routines – and this can be improved dramatically with relaxing, stress-free habits and patterns. In other words, engaging in better “down time” before going to bed.

Some studies are quite clear – they suggest that a hot water soaking can help with a good night’s sleep. A hot water soak can effectively relieve stress, tension, and anxiety, while providing pain relief for body pains and muscle aches. It all adds up to a more restful and satisfying sleep. For that matter, sleep specialists also maintain that a good night’s sleep makes for a better mood, better concentration, and even a healthier immune system overall.

Although there is no prescribed optimal “soaking time”, having a 20-minute hot tub session two hours before bedtime seems ideal. And as most hot tub owners already know, the thermostat should not be set at more than 40 degrees Celsius. To avoid any potential for dehydration, plenty of water intake is also recommended. Its also recommended that if the body is hot and sweating, bedtime should be delayed. Here, it’s best to opt for health safety.

Another option for hot tub soaking before bedtime is to add aromatherapy essences to the water. And while the warm water is soothing on its own, aromatherapy oils are known to have a calming effect on both body and mind. Here, it’s wise to get some advice on which essences best suit the need. For example, chamomile, lavender and jasmine are all commonly used for relaxation and stress relief, and would therefore contribute to a restful sleep. 

The idea behind soaking in a hot tub before bedtime is simple – and several scientific journals have established the relationship between body temperature, relaxation, and a sound sleep. By soaking in the hot tub for 15 minutes (60-90 minutes before sleep) body temperature is adjusted for a more relaxing night’s sleep. Of course, this is the genuine natural approach, and without the side effects or groggy feelings caused by prescription drugs.

Hot tubs also provide a form of “hydrotherapy” which helps with a better night’s sleep, but also provides relief for muscle aches, arthritis, and even chronic pain. Hydrotherapy improves blood circulation throughout the body, and stimulates the body’s endorphins, which are associated with pain control. And needless to say – less pain makes for a better sleep! Hydrotherapy is very well supported by science and can be a good solution for insomnia.

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