How Can You Lower Your Swimming Pool Heating Costs?

Just as life is not all fun and games, swimming pools also have their downside. Indeed, having a swimming pool can provide health benefits and fun times with your family and friends, but on the other hand, maintaining the pool adds extra costs to your monthly budget. Since pools are an investment, many choose to heat their pools to maximize the value of their pools year-round. There are several methods to help you drastically reduce your swimming pool heating costs so you can enjoy your pool on hot summer days, and even cold winter days.

To reduce heating costs, first you must choose the right heater for your swimming pool. There are electric resistance heaters, gas heaters, heat pumps, and solar heaters to choose from. Electric resistance heaters and gas heaters are not as energy efficient as other options, and can be more expensive to operate. But, they are inexpensive to purchase. Heat pumps, just like solar heaters are energy efficient and very inexpensive to operate, but they are typically more expensive to purchase. Installing solar panels to transfer solar energy into heat sounds like a great option, but they are only effective in sunny regions. So besides reducing heating costs, think about which option suits your pool best.

You should also conserve energy by investing in pool covers. Close to 95% of a pool’s heat is lost through evaporation to the air and radiation to the sky. By placing a pool cover over top, heat can be retained and water loss can be reduced by 30-50%. Having a cover can also help to keep your pool clean from debris, so that the life of the chemicals in your pool are also extended. Another way to conserve energy is to choose the right pumps. A bigger pump doesn’t mean better. In fact, having a larger pump could potentially increase costs. Consult a professional and choose the best, most energy efficient pump to save energy and money in the long run.

According the US Department of Energy, “the energy consumption for each degree rise in temperature will cost 10-30% more in energy costs, depending on your location.” So, manage your pool temperature carefully to save energy. If you’re not going to be using your pool, turn the temperature down, or turn off your heater if you won’t be using your pool for a few days. To further conserve energy and reduce costs, place a solar blanket over your pool when the pool is not in use. As mentioned earlier, pools lose the most heat from evaporation, so having a solar blanket will reduce your swimming pool heating costs by up to 70%.

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