Hot Tubs in Pickering

In Pickering, Ontario, and in the suburban communities just east of the Greater Toronto Area, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is worth your consideration if you’re thinking about buying a hot tub.  Choosing a reliable and reputable company is always a good first step.  Throughout the region, we sell top-of-the-line hot tubs; we provide exceptional customer service from start to finish; and we address your needs and requisites during the entire life of the project.  We have been in this business for a good many years, and know exactly how to guide you in selecting a hot tub that’s going to be right for your lifestyle and your budget.

Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs has serviced thousands of customers over the years, and we can appreciate that purchasing a hot tub can pose challenges and sometimes become stressful.  You might be buying a hot tub for the home, or it might be for the cottage – whatever the case, we want to make it an experience that is satisfying, and we want to make it into a shopping experience that is as simple as possible.  That’s why we believe in shopping around.  It makes for better decisions, but at the same time, it should never be just about price.  And because we know that a hot tub is a big investment, we encourage customers to shop around.

Trying out a hot tub can really be useful – you can decide on a size that would be ideal for your needs, and you can decide on the features that you might want to include.  We also have 20 different showroom models that can be viewed – another opportunity to pick and choose the perfect hot tub.  Picking and choosing also allows you to figure out how it all fits into your budget.  At this point, our staff can help out with additional information about maintenance costs and other expenses.  We can also offer you a home-improvement financing plan, which can make the final purchase more manageable over a longer term.

In the Pickering area, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is known for its commitment to quality.  We carry the Beachcomber™ line of hot tubs, high quality products that are renowned around the globe.  We guarantee their products, and we guarantee our installations.  Beachcomber™ Hot Tubs are top-of-the-line – they are beautifully designed, well built, and engineered to deliver maximum energy efficiency.  Beachcomber™ Hot Tubs come with a guarantee that has none of the fine-print limitations that are commonplace with competitive companies.  Beachcomber™ is simply a better-built, better-performing hot tub.  

When it comes to the installation stage, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is with you from end to end.  Our installation teams are professional and proficient, and they work quickly and efficiently.  When the installation is complete, we provide a start-up initiation to get everything going.  As for ongoing maintenance, it’s simple and straightforward – but if need be, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs can provide ongoing maintenance on a regular timetable (weekly or bi-weekly).  For customers concerned about energy usage and consumption, you can rest assured that the new hot tub from Beachcomber™ delivers superior performance when compared to the others.

In terms of overall energy cost, Beachcomber™ Hot Tubs deliver lower energy costs than any of the competitive brands that were compared (in some cases, by 34%).  The Beachcomber™ Energy Guide compared Beachcomber™ Hot Tubs with similar models from the competition, and showed that the Beachcomber™ models delivered better energy efficiency.  Day-to-day operation of the hot tub is also simple and straightforward – the team at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs will walk you through the routines of operation, step-by-step.  They will run through maintenance procedures, and will explain safety protocol to everyone using the tub.

Our people are always available to help – they are knowledgeable about our products and can assist with practically any issue that comes up.  Best of all, they are available even after the initial start-up.  Our retail stores carry replacement parts and equipment, and can readily assist, even in emergency situations.  When you need it, water testing is FREE – we will analyze your water quality and advise accordingly.  The thing is, when you decide to contract Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, you will be on the receiving-end of customer service that is truly unmatched in the pool and hot tub industry.

If you and the family are new to hot tubbing, you’ll soon be enjoying all of the benefits…and relaxing is only the start.  The therapeutic benefits are many, and are supported by a number of industry studies.  Hot tubbing has been shown to relieve stress; to relieve the symptoms of arthritis; and to bring benefits where high blood pressure is an issue.  But hot tubbing is more than just a luxury, and more than just a soothing dip after a long day at work.  The hot tubbing experience can become part of a regular health routine – and of course, let’s not forget about the pure fun and enjoyment. 

As a customer of Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, you can be sure that your satisfaction is our first priority.  We don’t take shortcuts when we install.  We follow recognized building codes.  We install top-of-the-line parts and equipment.  And we maintain standards that are unequalled in the industry (our President and owner, Craig Walters, oversees virtually every job we do).

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