Hot Tubs in Keswick

If you are in the process of purchasing a hot tub, and if you are already shopping around, then you already know that the choice of supplier is important.  For hot tubs in Keswick, and in the communities around Georgina, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs could be your supplier of choice.  We specialize in hot tubs (and swimming pools) and sell only the highest quality products on the market.  We provide a superior level of service during your installation, we address all of your pre-requisites, and we provide you with ongoing support from the beginning of the project to the end.  And because we specialize in hot tubs, we can assist you in choosing a tub that suits your needs, matches your family’s lifestyle, and fits your budget.

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, our staff has serviced countless customers, and understands how stressful purchasing a hot tub can be.  You may be buying a hot tub for your home or perhaps for your vacation property – whatever the case, we want the experience to be satisfying and stress-free.  We also think that buying a hot tub should be simple, and we believe that it’s key to find the supplier who can satisfy your needs to the max.  We know about shopping around, but we also know that there is more to shopping than just price.  And because purchasing a hot tub is usually a substantial investment, we routinely encourage customers to do proper research, and then make an informed decision.

Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is at your service.  We start things off by offering new customers a “try out” in one of our showroom hot tubs.  We have two retail locations (one in Markham, one in Newmarket), where customers can “try out” a hot tub before they purchase.  Just bring your swimsuit, bring a towel, and experience the hot tub first hand.  During this live demonstration, you can get familiar with the basic operation of the hot tub, and learn all about the features that are available.  The demonstration is helpful in deciding which hot tub would be best for purchase, and which features and accessories might be desirable.  And with other showroom models to check out (there are about 20), making the purchasing decision is much easier.

When our customers try out one of our hot tubs, the decisions on tub size, special features and accessories make more sense.  It’s also an excellent opportunity to determine how the hot tub “package”, as a whole, will fit into a specific budget.  Our staff can also assist when it comes to figuring out monthly maintenance costs and ongoing operating costs.  For the customers who qualify, we have home improvement financing plans that can make a substantial purchase of this kind more manageable over time.  A financing plan could also make it possible to include additional hot tub features and accessories that may have been beyond the original budget.  These are all purchasing considerations that can be made along the way. 

In the Keswick area, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is a leading supplier and contractor.  We sell Beachcomber™ Hot Tubs (renowned around the world for their quality) and we stand behind every product that we sell and install.  Beachcomber™ Hot Tubs are smartly designed – they are engineered to be energy efficient and are beautifully finished.  Unlike many other brands, Beachcomber™ provides product warranties that do not include any “fine print” conditions.  In terms of installation, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is at your service from the beginning of a project to the end.  Our install teams are quick and efficient, and once installation is complete, we get you started with our initiation process.

A question we often get from customers is about hot tub maintenance.  In fact, a regular maintenance routine is simple and straightforward, but Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs also offers maintenance plans that are affordable (weekly or bi-weekly).  When it comes to more specific questions such as energy consumption, the people at Beachcomber™ actually have the best news.  When comparisons were made with competitor hot tubs, Beachcomber™ Hot Tubs came through with lower energy costs, and in some situations by 34%.  In addition, the Beachcomber™ Energy Guide, which compares Beachcomber™ with competitor companies, consistently shows better performance results for the Beachcomber™ brand.

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, we are at your service even after the installation.  We make every effort to ensure that customers have a good understanding of their newly installed tub, including overall operation, maintenance and safety.  For routine issues, our knowledgeable staff can address most anything that comes up, even after the initial start up.  As well, our two retail stores carry replacement parts and equipment that may be required, and can assist with technical issues, problems, and even emergency situations.  One of the best services we offer to our hot tub customers is FREE water testing and analysis – it’s especially important for the regular and continuing maintenance of the hot tub.

If you’re a newcomer to the world of “hot tubbing”, you’re about to discover the many benefits beyond rest and relaxation.  Health studies show that hot tubs have a good many therapeutic benefits – regular hot tub sessions are ideal for relief for stress; for arthritis sufferers, there is measurable relief; and for those with high blood pressure, there are also positive benefits.  The truth is, rest and relaxation in your hot tub shouldn’t be considered a luxury – a hot tub session should really part of an overall health approach.  

Once the shopping process is done, and you have decided on Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, you’ll be receiving customer service that is unmatched in the business.  Your satisfaction as our customer is our priority, and we stand firmly behind everything we sell and install.  We are also proud ofour best practices.  Our installers don’t take shortcuts; they follow prescribed building codes; and they abide by local and regional by-laws.  And when our people expedite an installation, only the highest quality parts and equipment are used.

Our customers are also impressed with our quality control, where our President and owner, Craig Walters, oversees practically every installation – it’s just part of our customer service.

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