Hot Tubs for Olympians: Why Olympic Athletes Love Hot Tubs

Throughout the Olympics, many of us were captivated by the resilience and motivation that our athletes demonstrated during their performances. Many simply refuse to lose, let alone give up. As amazing as they are, it turns out that they also have a secret remedy to help them improve their practice sessions. For those who pay close attention to their favourite Olympians, you must have noticed that they love their hot tubs. Straight after competing, many Olympians went to hot tubs immediately ─ some even expressed how much they love their tubs to some news channels. Let’s explore why these wonderful athletes are obsessed with hot tubs. 

1. Heat = Healing

The most common reason for Olympians to jump into the tub after performing is because heat helps muscles healing processes. Heat from the water will raise body temperatures, dilate blood vessels, and increase blood flow, which in turn will quicken damaged tissues reparation.

2. Calming Effect

The tub is an all-in-one package for Olympians. Not only will it give physical benefits, it will also help them to recharge and refocus mentally after their intense competition. Hot tub allows its users to relax both their muscles and mind by combining heat and water pressure. For extra calming effect, mineral salt that is compatible with your hot tub (usually dubbed “hot tub salt”) could also be added. Ensure that the salt that you are using is not Epsom salt, as this might corrode your filter.

3. Free Massages

In addition to the calming effect, the water pressure from a hot tub also massages your body. Massages after intensive workout help decrease muscle tensions and increase the healing rate. Last but not least, some aromatherapy could also be added to the hot tub. A combination of aromatherapy and massages from water pressure would lead to the ultimate relaxation experience for even the most competitive athletes.

4. Water Buoyancy

The water in hot tub decreases our buoyancy ─ up to 90% with neck depth immersion ─ and thus, allowing our muscles to relax completely. This element will help your favorite Olympians to have a temporary relief from their muscles aches and pain. They will also experience some relief from muscles tensions. Water buoyancy also allows free movement, which could help athletes to do some water exercises before their next scheduled competition.
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