Hot Tub Spa Fragrances For Aromatherapy

Recent marketing studies indicate that most hot tub users are soaking for therapeutic purposes. This may include stressful lifestyles, aching muscles, pain management, and even skin conditions. In the last few years, spa fragrances have gained much popularity with hot tub users – in fact, the emergence of spa fragrances has added a new dimension to therapy in the hot tub. And although high-powered water jets and underwater massage can satisfy many needs, adding spa fragrances can create some powerful healing benefits through aromatherapy.

For most hot tub owners, the hot tub is a “relaxation zone”. But it can be much more by opening the world of natural healing. On one hand, spa fragrances have been around forever, and people have been bathing in hot tubs for many generations. But it’s only been in more recent years that spa fragrances have become more accepted, along with the aromatherapy approach to healing. It means that today’s spa fragrances are more than just sweet smelling scents – they actually offer benefits that complement all of the other benefits of a hot tub.

Aromatherapy essentially uses natural plant essences – from leaves, petals, roots, bark, and seeds. And depending on the essence, the healing qualities and health benefits will vary. In the hot tub, spa fragrances are added right into the water. And since every product line is different, the amount and concentration will differ, and will often depend on personal preferences. The spa fragrances that are manufactured specifically for hot tubs will not cloud the water, and will not change the water chemistry – they are designed to be water-soluble.

Interesting about spa fragrances, and especially about aromatherapy essences, is the way they can affect mood. This has some scientific grounding in our natural reaction to scent, but there are also scents that have real healing capabilities. And while massage therapists make use of various aromatherapy products on the body, direct inhalation of scents has been proven to be effective. Just think of the health benefits when using a diffuser for a cold, cough, or congestion. In much the same way, spa fragrances provide hot tub users with similar benefits.

For hot tub owners who are already familiar with spa fragrances, the concept of a specific scent for a specific ailment is nothing new. Stress relief, for example, would dictate one aromatherapy product, while reducing pain would dictate another. Here, it would be best to properly research the individual spa fragrances, and even experiment with a few for determining the best results. However, in each of these instances, it’s highly recommended to confer with a physician. But the truth is, aromatherapy fragrances have been used safely for many centuries.

Spa fragrances are available in different formulations (some as crystals, some as liquid), and like all products, quality varies with the manufacturer. For the consumer, it’s important to be careful when choosing spa fragrances, and to consult with a reputable hot tub dealer when uncertain. The benefits can be wonderful, and the healing effects could be most rewarding, whether it’s just for pure relaxation, or for something more serious like pain therapy.

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