Hot Tub Overflow — Causes, Ways to Avoid It and Treatment Options

Have you ever overflowed your hot tub, and wondered how you can prevent overflows in the future? Not only is it a waste of water, it can also cause work to cleanup, and potential damages to the areas around the hot tub.

When you’re having a party at your home, it’s easy to lose track of the number of people in the hot tub – and it’s easier for there to be more people enjoying the hot tub than what’s suggested for your hot tub’s size! When it comes to overflowing, there are many technical issues that can either cause your hot tub to overflow, or prevent it from happening. This article will explain the root causes of your hot tub problems, how to avoid them, and if they do happen, how to best treat them.

Hot tubs are soothing, so it’s not hard to imagine that everyone will be rushing to get inside. However, all hot tubs come with a limit in the number of users at a time. This number was specifically assigned to ensure maximum enjoyment for maximum people. So don’t disregard the rules and overcrowd the hot tub. Perhaps before having a party, let your guests know the severity of the problem, and ask them kindly to follow the guidelines. If there are a lot of small children, keep watch. Or lead them towards your pool or other areas for fun group activities.

Putting too much water into your hot tub may also cause overflowing. The reason behind such a problem should be self-explanatory. If you fill your hot tub to the very top, even if only one person steps in, the hot tub will still overflow. Thus, make sure the water level of your hot tub is always maintained at 1.5 inches above the highest water jets, or whatever is suggested on your manual. If you’re confused, don’t attempt to guess and fill the water up to where you think looks good. Consult your local professionals and ask them to give you an accurate evaluation.

No matter the cause, when you overflow your hot tub, it causes the water level to rise above the loop for the air blower, which causes the circuit breaker to trip. Try to reset the breaker and reset the hot tub. If that doesn’t work consult a professional right away. To avoid such problems from occurring you could use tiles or water safe materials around the hot tub, so that your wires don’t get affected. After parties, always clean and dry the area, because after you tripped the GFCI from overflowing, the excess water may cause your wires to get wet.

If you are still unsure about why your hot tub stopped working, or tried the above self-reset method, but still see no signs of recovery, feel free to book an appointment with Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs. We have many years of experience in the field and we will try our best to give you the best suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 905-294-8030, or on our toll free number 1-888-494-8030, or by email at

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