Hot Tub Maintenance For The Winter

While winterizing your hot tub might well be the right thing to do, it would also be wise to think about using the hot tub right through the winter. It’s actually quite the experience – and many families have discovered the pleasures of a hot soak on a cold night. Although a properly drained and winterized hot tub can save money on utilities (and on supplies), the hot tub damage we hear about at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs comes from freezing damage when winterizing is inadequate.

Once decided, the draining-winterizing procedure should be followed carefully – it will certainly make for a better spring opening experience. It’s also wise to consider the option of contracting a professional services company, where a good job with quality products is assured. Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs offers various maintenance service packages for hot tubs, with mobile service teams that include skilled, certified technicians who highly experienced with water-chemistry.


Hot tub servicing always begins with powering off.

Always switch off the power at the electrical panel to ensure safety. This might also be a good time to check electrical connections, and perform any current “testing” that is might be available.


Flush the plumbing system – then drain the hot tub.

In addition to flushing the plumbing, there may be a suitable product to use as well. Releasing the drain valve will drain the hot tub water. Every bit of water and debris must be totally removed.


Dealing with water filters and filter compartments.

When removing filters, it’s the ideal time to clean them with some type of cleaning solution, ready for winter storage. This is also the right time to clean the filter compartment and skimmer basket.


Loosen plumbing fittings to allow for full drainage.

Wherever possible, plumbing fittings should be loosened so that any residual water will drain. Any “inlets” or “outlets” should be opened so as to avoid potential for leftover water to freeze.


Draining and shutting down an external gas heater.

When shutting down a gas heater, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Removing all water is essential, and may require the use of a wet-dry vacuum. Heaters may require a spring “tune up”.


“Blowing” your jets is vital in ensuring full drainage.

Hot tub jets must be purged of residual water. Again, following manufacturer instructions is wise. The whole idea here is to force air into the jet fixtures until there is no measurable sign of water.


Don’t forget to properly clean the shell of the hot tub.

A complete winterizing job should include a proper cleaning of the shell. Clearly, this will make for an easier spring opening when the time comes. It’s suggested to use a “non-foaming” cleanser.


All remaining water should be “mopped up” entirely.

Using absorbent towels is a good option for wiping up remaining or residual water. Also a good idea at this stage is to apply a spa wax or protectant to the hot tub surfaces for extra protection.


Take care to properly clean/protect the hot tub cover.

Cleaning a hot tub cover (inside and out) will ensure longevity. Here, it’s recommended to use a quality protectant product from a reliable supplier. Put the cover back, secure and lock.

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