Exercise In Your Hot Tub For Weight Loss

Everyday life is sometimes stressful, and a vacation isn’t always a practical choice. You may have used all of your vacation day, or your budget may not permit a getaway. But it’s important for us to have an escape from our everyday stresses, somewhere we can go to relax at the end of a long, hard day, and take our mind off all our worries. What’s even better is if at this daily escape, we can fit in some routine exercises to strengthen our physical and mental health as well. After all, work isn’t the only way to feel productive.

A hot tub is the perfect solution! While being a haven of relaxation and calm, a hot tub can actually help you lose weight! Many people overlook the importance of strength training while trying to lose weight, but it is in fact one of the greatest tools to speed along the process. The water buoyancy and resistance in a hot tub are perfect for low-impact exercises and full body strength training.

Here are just a few exercise ideas to try out in your hot tub (you will need weights and a resistance band):

  1. Place a resistance band under your feet and hold onto the ends. Lift your arms up as far as they can go, stretching the resistance band. If you don’t feel a stretch in your arms, spread your feet apart more. Then, lower your arms back into the water and repeat. Do this 8 times.
  2. Stand up straight, holding onto a bar at the side of the hot tub. Stretch your outer leg out to the side as far as it can go, then slowly bring it back in the water. Do this 8 times.
  3. Sit on your bum with your legs out in front of you (sit on the bench so that your head remains far above the water). Holding onto two free-hand weights, alternate your arms so that while the left is holding the weight as high as it can, the right is holding the weight as low as it can. Move arms slowly to feel full effects. Repeat 8 times.

It’s not always easy to make it to the gym. A hot tub is the perfect alternative, as it is in the privacy of your own home, and it also gives you the relaxation you deserve after a hard workout. The water in a hot tub can provide your muscles with the relief they need to continue exercising the following day.

Hot tubs are proven to have therapeutic and health benefits, and can even help speed the healing of illnesses and physical ailments. Hot tubs provide stress relief, relieve headaches, and lower blood pressure. They are the perfect place to have some quality time with that special someone, or escape your stresses on your own. As well, they can truly help you in your health and weight loss goals! Seaway Pools & Tubs sells Beachcomber Hot Tubs, the most energy efficient hot tubs around. If you are worried about the maintenance of your hot tub, Seaway offers regular maintenance packages! For more information, visit http://www.seawaypoolsntubs.com/hot-tubs/hot-tubs/.

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