Is Drinking Alcohol in the Hot Tub a Good Idea?

If you’re hosting a party at your home, alcohol may be involved. As your guests jump in the pool and the hot tub, have you ever wondered if drinking alcohol in the hot tub is good idea? Well, the answer is, simply put, it’s a bad idea. Drinking in a hot tub is not a smart thing to do. You’re now probably thinking to yourself “One beer won’t matter, it should be fine”, but here are some scientific facts to prove against. Read the involved risks below, because drinking alcohol in the hot tub can be extremely dangerous.
Alcohol can make you dehydrated, but when it’s combined with hot tubbing, you can become even more dehydrated. You don’t feel like you’re sweating since you’re immersed in water, but you’re actually sweating and getting dehydrated in the hot tub as well. So a double dehydration leads to double the headache next morning. From alcohol we know already that dehydration will make us light-headed, and nauseated, and in extreme cases, dehydration may even cause heart palpitations, a coma, or death. Heat exhaustion will also lead to the same symptoms as both alcohol and the heat from your hot tub expand your blood vessels and increase your body temperature.
Hot tubs are great for relaxing. Once your body and your mind is at peace, you will want to fall asleep. In fact, many soak themselves in hot tubs before bed so they can sleep better at night. However, drinking alcohol is also very relaxing. The more you drink, the more likely you are to pass out. Any of these alone would be fine, but if you’re drinking alcohol in a hot tub, there’s a high possibility that you will pass out underwater and suffocate. Even if you don’t pass out in the water, alcohol can make you do some crazy things and make you suffer from injuries or die an accidental death.
Glass shatters when it’s cold and quickly heats up. If you’re drinking a cold beer or iced cocktail, the heat from your hot tub could potentially shatter the glass into your hot tub. Not only will you be injured, you will also have a damaged hot tub. The only way alcohol and hot tub could tie in together is if you drank last night and decided to soak yourself in your hot tub the next morning. Drink lots of water before you step in and the warm waters of your hot tubs will help you get rid of your hangover in no time.
Alcohol and hot tubs can be a lethal combination. Now that you recognize the risks, it’s best to enjoy only one of the two at a time. There’s no need to risk your life for “fun.” If you really need to drink something, enjoy juice or virgin cocktails. Do you have more questions or concerns? Feel free to book an appointment today with Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs. You can reach us at 905-294-8030, or use our toll free number 1-888-494-8030, or our email at

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