The Benefits of a Hot Tub for Athletes

Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, your goal is to maintain the best condition of your body in order to achieve peak performance. You are probably already on a strict diet and fitness plan, but have you ever considered hydrotherapy? All the training and dietary restrictions must add lots of stress, so why not relax in a pleasant hot tub, while enjoying all the health benefits that will best prepare you as an athlete? Your body can’t handle constant rigorous exercise without treatments in between, so let your body rest and recover. What’s a better way to soothe your muscles than to soak yourself in a hot tub?

Hydrotherapy is an innovative type of treatment with growing popularity in the sports world. The use of water for medical purposes has actually been around for hundreds of years. Hydrotherapy is the use of water to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being. It’s often reported to reduce pain and inflammation, and reduce stress by increasing endorphins in your body. Hot tub hydrotherapy is also know to balance blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Hot water increases your body temperature, causing your blood vessels to open up; better blood circulation means less stiff joints and softer tissues.

Having your own hot tub at home is very convenient. Not only does the warm water relax your muscles and eliminate waste products and debris from injured tissues. The water jets will massage you, which will further increase your blood circulation to loosen up your skin and muscles. Hydrotherapy won’t guarantee a 100% recovery from your injuries, but it will definitely help soothe your pains and speed up the process. Getting into a hot tub before a workout can even decrease your chance of injury. However, consult your doctor before attempting any form of hot tub hydrotherapy on your injuries as hot water may cause swelling to worsen.

A quick dip of 10 to 15 minutes in the hot tub will work its magic. Hot tubs will not only help your body relax physically, they will also allow you to relax mentally. Before and after a major competition, your brain receives a lot of stress and you can feel drained out of energy. So, you can light some scented candles and take a relaxing dip. Using aromatherapy and hydrotherapy together can help you both prepare and recover mentally. Many athletes suffer from insomnia if they work out later on in the day. Taking a nice bath in a hot tub will also help you sleep better, giving your body more time to rest and recover.

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