Get your Hot Tub Holiday Ready

Whether you’re planning a memorable holiday party for your friends, family or simply entertaining yourself this season, there is no doubt that a hot tub is the perfect way to relax during the holiday season. When purchased from reputable stores like Seaway Pools & Tubs, your hot tub is functional in both hot and cold weather. Our hot tubs are built for year-round use, regardless of the dipping temperatures and colder climates outside. So why not take advantage and plan a great escape in your own backyard with a hot tub holiday staycation. Of course, you’ll need to ensure that your hot tub is holiday ready first. Here are some tips on how to get your hot tub holiday ready this winter.

The first and the most important step is to make sure your hot tub is clean and well-sanitized before use. While scrubbing and cleaning your hot tub, check for any wear and tear (it’s important to perform regular maintenance) and clean out any filters and cartridges. You can find many accessories such as chlorine-free oxidizers and non-abrasive cleaners at your local home department store that will clean your hot tub and sanitize the water in your hot tub. You can always contact the experts at Seaway Pools to help you choose the right products for your tub.

The water quality is important for your hot tub and therefore should always be fresh and clean. You may need to drain your hot tub as it is recommended to change the water every 8-12 weeks for an enjoyable and sanitary experience. Depending on the amount of use you get out of your hot tub throughout the year, you may be required to change the water more frequently. This combined with the use of water sanitizers will aid in keeping your hot tub water safe from harmful bacteria and will prevent algae from developing. Unwanted toxins and other irritants can also thrive in unclean hot tub water. In most cases, simply reading the instructions to the sanitizers you’ve purchased and following simple steps will keep your water fresh and clean. Ensure you’re using the right amounts of chlorine in your hot tub to maintain water cleanliness.

Once your tub is cleaned and refilled with sparkling clean water, it’s time to set the ambience and the festive mood with holiday decorations. You can find great spa pillows that will add some festive spark and colour and make your hot tub experience even more relaxing and comfortable for your guests. If you have a great backyard, why not maximize the view by adding Christmas lights or tea lamps around your hot tub for an extra holiday touch? Add Christmas charm in the small details with mini lights and candles around the hot tub area. Not comfortable with candles around your hot tub? Not to worry, there’s a great variety of towel shelves that will provide ample space for decorated towels and robes for you and your guests. You can also use Christmas ornaments around your backyard. For more ideas on how to get your hot tub winter ready, speak with a Seaway Pools & Tubs professional today by calling (905) 294-8030, or send us an email at

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