Flu Season is Coming!

When the temperature dips and you start to see people sniffling around you, you know it’s that time of year again – Flu Season! Body aches, cold chills, congestion and sore throats are just some of the symptoms you may suffer through while your body fights that flu or cold. Despite the amount of OJ, pills, or vitamins you take, it can seem difficult to get real relief. Did you know that soaking in a hot tub can help soothe the symptoms and help your body fight the pesky germs in the process? Seaway Pools & Tubs offer a variety of hot tubs that will assist and alleviate some of the worst pains and discomforts you experience when fighting the flu or the common cold, and here’s how.

The most obvious feature of a hot tub is the ability to set the heat at a hot yet safe level. Rising your body temperature to this level will not only provide a tremendously relaxing experience, it will also help your body reach the temperature needed to sweat off a lot of the toxins that are making you sick. Sweating helps reduce the infection load. As well, while your body temperature is elevated, your blood circulation is increased. In some cases, soaking in the vapours of the tub can help clear your sinuses for some temporary relief. Of course, it is always a good idea to stay well-hydrated and make sure you’re not experiencing any discomfort (relaxation is a big part of healing as well).

Soaking in a hot tub can help with that annoying, stuffy nose and congestion. If you’re constantly blowing your nose and it feels like the congestion will never go away, sitting in the hot tub will assist in clearing those blocked nasal passages. The heat from the hot tub will open your sinuses, allowing your nose to run and reducing the head tension you experience as a result. The heated steam you inhale from the hot tub water will loosen that pesky congestion and mucus and not only allow you to breath easier and help your head feel lighter, but it can help soothe a dry or swollen nasal passage, shrinking the swollen membranes and relieving tension in the process. Similar to a steam bath, it has been proven that a hot tub session can help clear the mucus in your chest and lungs as well.

Finally, the most important thing that is needed when fighting the common cold or flu is tons and tons of rest.The more rested your body and the more relaxed you are, the better your immunity is. Your body has a better chance to fight off harmful germs when you are relaxed simply because your immune system’s function and performance is better. A strong immunity has its own healing factors so sit back, relax and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub from Seaway. Speak with a representative today to learn more about how a hot tub can be part of your healing regimen during the common cold and flu season.You can call us at (905) 294-8030, or send us an email at online@seawaypoolsntubs.com. Be on the defense, and stay healthy this cold and flu season!

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