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Find Out Which Dream Swimming Pool is for You?

Your dream swimming pool is about to become reality

If you’re shopping around for your dream swimming pool, and looking for a reputable Toronto pool builder, Seaway Pools can help you choose the right pool, pick the best design features, and finish everything off with superb landscaping. This is your dream swimming pool – so choosing the right size, shape, and design is fundamental. Whatever the final choice – aboveground pool, in-ground, or semi-in-ground, a good pool contractor can be invaluable with good advice and ideas.

Simply put, the better the decision making, the better the results. And making those decisions early on makes for a much more streamlined pool building process. The fact is, every homeowner has a unique physical space, a different set of needs, and a singular wish list. With Seaway Pools, your dream swimming pool can become a reality one step at a time. And while running around pool showrooms might be fun filled, nothing comes close to great advice from a great contractor.

Vinyl-lined above ground pools

For many, an above ground pool is a budget friendly option with the advantages of a conventional backyard swimming pool. At Seaway, our vinyl-lined above ground pools are manufactured in Canada and designed to weather the Canadian climate. We offer an all-resin model, available in various shapes and sizes, and ideal for virtually any backyard. Our above ground pools are fully equipped with Hayward products:  pumps, heaters, filters, and even lighting. As for installation, our skilled technicians supply and install everything – you’ll be ready to launch the pool season.

Above ground swimming pools are ideal for the homeowner with a specified budget. Regardless of the size or shape of the pool, Seaway doesn’t compromise on quality. We install top-of-the-line equipment, plumbing, and valves. And we stand behind everything we sell and install. When we take on your project, we want to ensure full satisfaction when we’re done, and without any of those “fine print” disclaimers that other pool companies might rely on. Most importantly, our people are committed to best construction practices, with everything following the building code.

Semi-in-ground swimming pools

Unlike the other swimming pool options, a semi-in-ground pool is partially buried in the ground and partially protruding. At Seaway Pools, there are three semi-in-ground options that you can choose from. The oval pool is an elongated shape that resembles a conventional swimming pool. The rectangular pool is a “quadrilateral” style and shape. The third option, the round pool, is the most symmetrical of all. Easily customized, these semi-in-ground pools are ideal for any backyard – equipped with a hardwearing vinyl liner, and available with either straight or round wall panels.

Once you choose a semi-in-ground option that best suits your needs, you’re assured of a quality installation with Seaway. Beyond the pool itself, we’ll integrate everything with your backyard and add landscaping to complete the look. Our semi-in-ground pools come with a sturdy staircase to enter and exit the pool. As well, you can add all types of extras to your dream swimming pool – everything from waterfall features, to stonework, to lighting fixtures. Best of all, Seaway provides a quality customer service experience and a company guarantee on every installation, every time.

Salt-water pools (salt chlorine)

If your dream swimming pool is a salt-water pool, then Seaway has the answer. Our salt-water pools are not filled with ocean water – rather, there is a salt chlorine generator that satisfies the sanitization needs of the pool. While a salt-water pool has numerous benefits, there are also some unique maintenance demands. With a salt-water pool, there is no detectable salt taste. As well, there is no salty residue on skin or hair. However, the salt system does provide all the necessary chemical reactions to create chlorine, and it’s accomplished through a salt chlorine generator.

If you’re considering a salt-water pool, the cost of the salt chlorine generator will have an impact on the cost of the project. And because of the automation, energy use will be an additional cost. However, on-going pool maintenance is minimal. Seaway Pools installs the Hayward AquaRite® Salt Chlorination System – considered to be the best. An excellent alternative to conventional chlorine, you’ll say goodbye to red eyes, itchy skin, and the obnoxious chlorine odour. Hayward’s system is totally automated and supported by one of the pool industry’s best product warranty.

Small in-ground swimming pools

A small in-ground pool may be your dream swimming pool if you don’t have a particularly large backyard. But even with a limited space, you can enjoy the luxuries of an in-ground pool. With Seaway Pools, the design possibilities of a small in-ground pool are endless. Shapes and sizes can be customized to blend beautifully with your existing landscape. And with Seaway, construction quality is assured – a two-stage concrete bottom; galvanized steel walls; and a custom vinyl pool liner. With water features and landscaping, you’ll be creating a backyard haven for years to come.

Seaway Pools also specializes in “spools” – where we combine spa features with your swimming pool. Here again, where a backyard might only offer limited space, the “spool” would have special spa features built into the overall structure. With this type of mini-pool, homeowners find quite enough space for lounging and even doing water aerobics. Because of the compact size, these pools are also easy to heat. Also referred to as “swim spas”, you’ll enjoy both the therapy jets and the swim jets, which provide a serious workout when swimming directly against the current.

Add some character to your pool

By any measure, a swimming pool adds character to a backyard, whether large or small. With Seaway Pools, you’ll get a backyard makeover designed to impress. We’ll custom design your pool to accommodate the physical space, satisfy your pre-requisites, and deliver your wish list.

When it comes to construction, high quality is at the forefront. Our construction teams follow all municipal by-laws, and ensure that your pool is in compliance. We build everything according to the building code, and we don’t take unnecessary shortcuts. We do it right from the beginning.

From initial construction to finished landscaping, we use only the best building materials when creating your personal oasis. The idea is to translate your dreams into reality – with fabulous stonework, gorgeous water features, and beautiful lighting to illuminate your nightly swims.

At Seaway, we work closely with every client to ensure satisfaction from the early design stage to the finished surroundings. We’ll provide everything for a streamlined and stress free experience.

  • walk-in steps and diving rocks
  • concrete, stone, and/or interlock
  • professional landscaping service
  • safety covers and custom liners
  • cabana, children’s slide, waterfall

Your dream swimming pool from Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs

As an industry leader throughout Ontario, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is committed to excellence. We’ve been around for more than three decades and have established ourselves as highly reliable and reputable amongst the many pool companies in Ontario. It’s no wonder that we’ve won so many awards for our designs, construction, and landscaping. And as members of the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada, you can be sure of our principled and ethical approach to pool building. For us, the best sign of success is our satisfied customers, enjoying their dream swimming pool.

Contact us today to start designing your dream pool!

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