Fibreglass Swimming Pools VS. Concrete Swimming Pools

Every swimming pool project is a big project. There are a good many “moving parts” and a lot to consider. Naturally, for a first timer, it’s a complete different experience than for someone who has already built or owned a swimming pool. And because there are so many questions to answer, it’s absolutely critical to deal with a pool builder that is reliable, reputable and respected. Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs designs and builds quality fibreglass swimming pools, and works closely with each client to select the pool that best suits the circumstances.

Deciding between the fibreglass swimming pools and concrete pools is one of the big questions. And while not everyone likes comparison lists, this is a good opportunity to compare pros and cons. The thing is, well-informed consumers make much better decisions all round. And when comparing fibreglass swimming pools and concrete pools, it’s particularly important. Once again, working with a good pool builder will make for sound decisions that are made collectively – and those decisions will accurately reflect the customer’s pre-requisites.

The pros and cons of fibreglass swimming pools

  • The coated surface of fibreglass swimming pools is nonporous. It will inhibit algae growth and reduce the need for chemicals.
  • Very seldom is there any repair or restoration required on the surface of fibreglass swimming pools.  Therefore, no extra costs.
  • Most fibreglass swimming pools will have the seating and steps fabricated right into the shell. This is practical and aesthetic.
  • The shells of fibreglass swimming pools are pre-built. Therefore the installation process tends to be more quick than concrete.
  • Fibreglass swimming pools are manufactured using a mold, so the selection of shapes and sizes can sometimes be limited.
  • Fibreglass swimming pools are usually more costly than vinyl liner pools, but are about the same investment as concrete.

The pros and cons of concrete swimming pools

  • Concrete swimming pools can be built in practically any size or shape, and in any depth. They are custom built to suit the need.
  • Concrete pools offer flexible design features, like the edge work or the stairs, or entries. Here again, everything is customized.
  • At one point, a concrete swimming pool needs to be renovated. Whether it’s re-surfacing or re-tiling, it’s an added expense.
  • The surface of a concrete swimming pool is quite porous, and requires more chemicals and filtration than other pools.
  • Because of the more involved construction process, the concrete pool will take longer to build and install than most other pools.

Fibreglass or concrete, you can count on the pool professionals at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs for a quality job, well done. We build every pool to code. We don’t take any shortcuts. And everything we build and install is fully guaranteed.

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, we can build the swimming pool of your dreams – with beautiful water and lighting features – extras and amenities to enjoy – and outstanding landscaping. Visit one our retail stores (Markham or Newmarket) and see for yourself.

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