Everything You Need To Know About Hot Tub Pumps

Hot tub pumps actually have a dual purpose – there’s a pump mechanism that physically moves the water, and a motor mechanism that provides power for the pump. But the main purpose of all hot tub pumps is common – to effectively circulate water throughout the hot tub. Hot tub pumps are one of the most costly components in the system, and unfortunately, the most likely to fail. After all, they are working practically all the time – they often operate at a high rate of speed, and they are constantly pumping water with chemicals and dirt.

Hot tub pumps could potentially have a lifespan of 10 years. And while hot tub pumps can be repaired, the amount of labor involved is not usually worthwhile. As well, repaired hot tub pumps are more likely to fail again, sometimes for a completely different reason. When a pump is quite new, however, repairs might be a good option. In general, hot tub pumps should be replaced with something similar, and with a similar horsepower. A reputable hot tub dealer will be able to recommend a brand and horsepower that would be suitable.

When choosing hot tub pumps, there are established industry guidelines for horsepower, depending on the size of the hot tub, and the size and number of water jets. One thing worth noting – having more horsepower is not necessarily better – it could actually damage the hot tub’s plumbing and equipment. Again, good advice from a reputable hot tub dealer would be invaluable. A good dealer will suggest replacement parts and equipment that meet industry guidelines as well as the manufacturer’s specifications for a specific hot tub model.

A typical homeowner can’t possibly know everything when it comes to hot tub pumps. And with every brand claiming to be the best, it’s often more confusing than straightforward. There’s pump voltage to learn about; there’s horsepower and amperage; there’s even single and double speed pumps. Clearly, it’s preferable to be well informed as a consumer, but it’s even better to be well advised by a good hot tub dealer. Beyond the good advice, you can be sure that a reputable dealer will warranty their parts and equipment, as well as installation.

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, trained staff can explain the ins and outs of hot tub pumps and the need (or not) to replace. Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs supplies and installs the top brands in the business, many of them with energy efficiency components that can save significantly on utility costs. More importantly, when replacing hot tub pumps, it’s not the right time to take shortcuts. These are costly components that work together with other components – hence the need to go with quality from the start. Cutting corners will not ensure longevity.

Hot tub pumps put in long hours. And when used throughout the entire year, some hot tub pumps are turning the water over close to 100 times in a day. Its therefore essential to invest in a top quality product that will ensure superior performance.

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