Everything You Need to Know About Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers have come a long way in recent years. With advanced mechanics and the latest in fabricated materials, pool covers have become almost essential. Primarily, they’re designed to keep debris out of the swimming pool. But they can also provide added safety and security, especially for small children. As well, covering the pool can preserve the heated pool water. All things considered, pool covers can deliver good value for a number of years.

Automatic pool covers have been quickly replacing the manual covers that were once routine. They can easily be opened and closed at the flick of a switch, and can be manufactured to fit any size or shape of swimming pool. Finding and selecting pool covers means choosing from a variety of features and product options. There’s material to choose; mechanics to consider; and of course, the budget. Great advice is usually available from a reliable pool contractor.

Automatic pool covers are manufactured from strong, sturdy “mesh” materials, but there are many options available. “Mesh” pool covers are light and very easy to roll back and forth. Water easily drains though without compromising the resilience of the material. “Solid” pool covers are more amenable to regions where heavy snow might be sitting on top in the winter. And because solid covers keep sunrays out of the pool, they also reduce the buildup of algae.

Most automatic pool covers open electronically or with a hydraulic motor. The right choice will depend on the size and overall weight of the pool cover. Electric pool covers are powered with a waterproof motor to suit the size and weight of the cover. Usually, the electric motor is fitted with a “stop motion” device to compensate for any obstructions. Automatic pool covers are an expensive feature, so it’s important to accurately determine individual pre-requisites.

“Safety” pool covers are an option worth considering. They are strong and solid, and designed to support the weight of a child, and even an adult. “Safety” pool covers are the ideal option for protecting an unsupervised swimming pool area. In many cases, these covers are officially certified for safety. They are fabricated to assure a safe barrier; they’re equipped with special hardware that’s installed around pool; and the tracks are designed to support extra weight.

Solar pool covers are also a viable option for pool owners. They are specifically designed to block heat loss and to prevent unwanted evaporation. When closed during daytime hours, a solar cover serves to insulate pool water and keep it warm. It’s a way of lengthening the swim season in spring and fall when the water temperature is on the cool side. Solar pool covers are available in a variety of materials and in various thicknesses, depending on the need.

Since automatic pool covers require controls, these too require some consideration. Digital controls, for example, can be programmed to open and close at certain times. Indeed, some digital controls are wireless and can be activated by smartphone or mobile device. For some, a key-switch is the best option – a single turn of a key opens and/or closes the pool cover. In any case, it’s advisable to source a product that meets both the needs and the budget.

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