Energy Efficient Pool Equipment Delivers Benefits and Savings

Energy efficient pool equipment is a good idea when building a new pool, upgrading an existing pool, or retrofitting an aging pool. For the most part, energy efficiency will translate into ongoing money savings. In terms of the bottom line, energy efficient pool equipment and appliances will always “pay off” in reduced utility bills (whether gas or electric). And those savings will continue for many years, making the initial investment worthwhile in the short term and the long term.

Energy efficient pool equipment, like a variable speed water pump or insulating pool cover will predictably conserve energy, and save on utilities. Beyond that, responsible energy saving habits will also have a dramatic effect. For example, reducing pool heater temperature and preventive maintenance greatly contributes to cost savings. And let’s not forget about wasted water, for whatever reason. In short, energy efficient pool equipment and a good attitude will pay off.

Veteran pool owners already know that almost all heat loss and water loss occurs at the surface of the pool. A quality pool cover will measurably prevent BOTH heat AND water loss, and it will make a big difference. In fact, this piece of pool equipment also reduces the amount of chemicals required for ongoing water treatment. A pool cover is a good investment that results in savings.

Pool owners should also be knowledgeable about energy efficient pool equipment that might be eligible for tax incentives and rebates (depending on the region). Federal and provincial agencies sometimes offer tax breaks for those purchasing energy efficient pool equipment. And from time to time, even manufacturers will offer equipment rebates to encourage purchasing.

Water pump efficiency merits the attention of every pool owner. A high efficiency water pump, for instance, uses from 30% to 45% less energy than a standard pump. And the energy savings, even in one season, can be dramatic. As one piece of energy efficient pool equipment, a variable-speed water pump circulates water more efficiently and putting les stress on the water filter.

Today, a pool cover is an essential piece of pool equipment, but a “solar” pool cover actually does much more. “Solar” pool covers keep water from evaporating, and also reduce the consumption of pool chemicals. As well, these covers protect the heated swimming pool water, and put less stress on the pool heater. Needless to say, both energy and water usage are conserved.

It sounds simple and obvious, but preventive pool maintenance goes a long way when it comes to energy efficiency. Turning down the pool heater will make a big difference. Proper pool filter care will prevent wasted water and energy. And not to forget about pool lighting – a solar powered lighting system will be much more energy efficient. It all adds up at the end of the season.

Whether it’s buying energy efficient pool equipment, or having conscious energy conservation habits (or a combination of both), the end results will be measurable. And, of course, for every pool owner, reduced overhead and operating costs are the most welcome.

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