Are You Doing it Right? Do’s and Don’t’s of Building a Backyard Pool

A backyard pool is an expensive investment that should last for a very long time. When “corners are cut” through the building process, the results may end up costing more than if the pool was built properly in the first place. At Seaway Pools & Tubs, we know all the details, steps and procedures, to ensure your pool is built properly. Let’s discuss the most crucial Do’s and Don’ts when building a backyard pool.


  1.  Do thorough research when looking for a builder

    The most important part of your pool project is to get the best builder out there. After all, they will be your partner throughout the project ─ you will have to constantly rely on their expertise and experience. Do your due diligence: get referrals from those closest to you and look at the builder’s’ past records.

  2. Budget and Plan

    With the scope of a backyard pool project, it is very easy to go over your planned budget. In order to stick to your budget, you must set a clear goal and plan at the beginning of the project. Go over your plan and needs with your builder, discuss and reiterate when needed.


  1. Underestimate the size of the project

    Many people underestimate the time and commitment needed to make a pool project successful. Don’t make the same mistake. You will need to invest a lot of effort in finding not only the builders, but also choosing the design you prefer, and pool features like saltwater or chlorinated.

  2. Budget Hunt for Builders

    Never choose a builder based solely on costs. Without a reliable and capable builder, your project may seem to be lower budget than pools typically cost, but this can often be a short-sighted strategy. Seek out experienced builders that have proven experience, references, and positive reviews online. An experienced builder will be able to complete your project within an agreed timeline, and with a guaranteed quality.

  3. Forget about the safety features of the pools

    Safety features such as drain covers, perimeter fence, pool alarm, safety covers, and anti-slip tiles are mandatory for your pool to avoid any serious safety hazards. Do not try to negotiate for any of these safety features. Not having them can cause serious repercussions., Make sure that your builders implement all of them. After all, safety should be a priority when it comes to pools.

Building a backyard pool is a huge project. We understand that many new pool owners might be overwhelmed with all of the decisions to be made. At Seaway Pools & Tubs, we are committed to working with our clients as best as we can to make the whole process transparent. We answer every question you may have, and always ensure that we are on time and on budget. If you are interested in building a backyard pool, feel free to call us at 905-294-8030 or email us at for more information.

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