Deciding Where to Place Your Above Ground Pool

At Seaway Pools, one of the most asked questions from clients is where to place their new above ground pool. For most homeowners, a swimming pool is the largest individual component in the backyard. As such, a pool requires careful consideration when it comes to placement. It may need to fit in with an existing deck or patio; it may need to accommodate the surrounding landscaping; or it may end up being the focal point of a completely new recreation zone. When the big picture is considered, and all the moving parts are accounted for, the question of placing the above ground pool can be better addressed.

To begin with, there are a number of restrictions that will limit almost every homeowner building an above ground pool. There are municipal zoning regulations and bi-laws. There are physical elements like land slope and drainage. And there are natural influences like rainfall and rain flow. All of the above will have an impact on deciding where to place your above ground pool and all of these will be run-of-the-mill issues for your contractor. At Seaway Pools, we have years of experience and expertise designing, creating and building swimming pools, and can offer valuable advice from beginning to end.

For the team at Seaway Pools, there are common elements when we consider above ground pool placement. Clearly, the requisites for small properties will be different than large properties, and some of the decisions are easier than others. In smaller backyards, for instance, locating the pool close to the home makes it convenient to observe. The pool actually becomes an extended part of the home and compliments the architecture. With larger properties, placing an above ground pool offers more options and flexibility, which in itself can become somewhat overwhelming – there’s just too much to ponder.

Locating an above ground pool away from the home allows the pool to become a “destination zone”, where it’s actually a central focal point. The surrounding deck or patio can be bigger; the pool layout and design can complement the landscaping; and there is plenty of space for a cabana or kitchen. Indeed, this is where the team at Seaway Pools shines – we will create, design and build a fabulous above ground pool, and complete the environment with amazing landscaping. Best of all, we’ll have innovative ideas for unique backyard situations and practical solutions for those exceptional construction glitches.

Whether it’s fibreglass or concrete, placing and locating an above ground pool is only the first step in many. With Seaway Pools, our quality approach continues with the construction phase, the finishing touches, and our customer service. All of our construction work is strictly to code and everything we build and install is guaranteed. Post-construction, we have additional customer services at our store locations in Markham and Newmarket, where we offer all manner of parts and equipment, as well as advice and guidance for every size and shape of above ground pool.

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