Common Hot Tub Myths

There are a lot of incorrect facts regarding hot tubs, and these can unfortunately discourage people from enjoying a new level of relaxation. Below are six common misconceptions about hot tubs to prevent any misinformation about these life changing health and lifestyle enhancers.

MYTH: Purchasing a cheaper or used hot tub will save costs.

FACT: Although purchasing an inexpensive hot tub may help customers save money right away, the lower quality hot tub will likely require more money spent on repairs and maintenance costs down the road. Generally, the less expensive or older a hot tub is, the mechanical parts are of lower quality. This is because newer generations of hot tubs are equipped with the latest technology that lasts longer than ever before, and if higher quality than previous generations.

MYTH: Hot tub maintenance is too difficult and time-consuming.

FACT: Hot tub sanitation is very important, but also very easy and convenient to do. You won’t have to take much time out of your day to sufficiently take care of your hot tub. All hot tubs come with an easy step-by-step guide on the cleaning and maintenance process, which requires minimal work. Given all the benefits that hot tubs provide, the short time that maintenance takes is surely worth it for the amount of enjoyment it provides.

MYTH: Hot tubs are very costly.

FACT: A key feature of hot tubs is their wide variety of sizes and features, all at varying price points to work best for your budget. Specialized representatives at Seaway Pools & Tubs can help you select the hot tub that best fits with your needs. Today, there are many affordable products that can fit many ranges of budgets.

MYTH: Hot tubs use a large amount of electricity and increase energy bill costs.

FACT: New technology has significantly lowered the price of maintaining and operating hot tubs, and has made them much better for the environment.  Co-generated heat, multi-layered modular insulation, and thermal hot tub covers to keep your hot tub water heated without using any extra energy, and generating expensive costs.

MYTH: Hot tubs are only for relaxation, not exercise.

FACT: Hot tubs area convenient, fun, and easy place to exercise. Exercising while submerged in water, specifically warm water, lowers pressure and stress on joints. Water resistance allows for a more efficient workout by providing a full-body workout with a wide variety of different types of exercise. Many different types of hot tubs, customers can enhance muscle tone and definition, as well as an intense cardio workout by swimming against a powerful yet safe resistance jet.

If you have any questions about hot tubs or would like to book a consultation to review what hot tub options would work best in your home, give us a call at 905-294-8030. Our hot tub experts will help guide you along the process to ensure that you find the right tub, and the right understanding of how to maintain and prolong the life of your tub.

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