Choosing the Perfect Swimming Pool Layout

Like everything connected to a swimming pool purchase, choosing the perfect swimming pool layout is a major consideration. As the consumer, you know your physical limitations, you understand your lifestyle needs, and most importantly, you’re in charge of your budget. All this considered, you are really the best judge of what will work for you. BUT – nothing comes close to getting input from an expert – from an experienced contractor who has built a thousand pools, and can offer advice and guidance from years of expertise and experience. As such, it’s always important to be open to input.

Pool layout has everything to do with design and style, so it’s important to choose a layout that will suit the location. Beyond that, size is an additional consideration. Clearly, with four growing boys, the needs will be different than a smaller family of four. At the same time, you may need to accommodate a good number of “extended” family members, or a large circle of friends. Whatever the case, it’s an important deliberation. Once again, a reputable contractor will be able to provide valuable feedback on the pros and cons of various shapes and sizes, and which layout option will benefit you most.

Throughout the swimming pool industry, sizes, shapes and layouts have become fairly universal. The layout descriptions also tend to be common, and of course, each comes with it’s own price tag. By any measure, a swimming pool is a major investment, so it pays to do the proper research and to be sure about decisions made. After all, this is a serious, long-term commitment that should be meeting your needs both short term and long. Finally, any aesthetic enhancements (like water features or lighting features) may impact layout considerations – it’s just another aspect of pool building to consider.

As any good contractor will attest, certain swimming pool layouts work better than others, in terms of available space and existing landscaping. For example, a pool that will be built close to the house should compliment the architecture. On the other hand, a pool that is constructed well away from the house, in its own setting, should be designed to blend in with the landscaping. And there’s no need to rush into decision making – start by considering some of the primary layout options, deliberate with your contractor, and come up with the swimming pool layout of your dreams.


The rectangular shape was probably the most common during the early days of pool design. It’s an ideal layout for those who want to swim laps, or want to maintain that conventional pool design.


The free-form layout can be designed in practically any curved shape, within some limits. This design is usually built around existing landscape elements, an in an effort not to destroy the environment.

Kidney Shape

As the name implies, the layout looks like a kidney, and has become popular because it will fit easily into most backyard spaces. It also allows for the “natural” positioning of shallow end and deep end.

Figure Eight

Figure eight pools provide different spaces for different activities. This layout is ideal for separating the shallow end from the deep end. The indented areas allow for varied usage of the extra space.

L Shape

The L-shaped pool is merely an extension of the rectangular layout. Ideal for exercise, training, and swimming laps, the L shape still provides a specific shallow end for the younger swimmers.

Lazy L-Shape

This layout is a hybrid version of the L-shaped pool. There’s a longish area for swimming laps, and a “diagonal” portion that allows for a separate swimming area, while adding some visual appeal.

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