How Often Should I Change the Water In My Hot Tub

You’ve had your hot tub for a while now, happily letting the warm, soothing waters relax you after a long workout or a tough workout. However, have you ever thought of how much bacteria may build up in your hot tub? Every time you step in, more and more impurities get into the waters such as makeup, perfume, or dead skin. If you don’t maintain your hot tub, you’ll be bathing in foamy and cloudy water eventually. So, how often should you change the water in your hot tub to keep it squeaky clean? Every time you use the hot tub? Every week? Or every month? It’s not a difficult procedure, and your hot tub will actually provide signals to guide you on the frequency it needs.

A simple calculation determines how often you need to change the water in your hot tub. First, divide the spa capacity (in gallons) by the amount of people using the hot tub. Then divide it by three. For example, if your hot tub has a capacity of 600 gallons of water usually with 2 users. You would divide 600 by 2 to get 300. Then dividing 300 by 3, the formula tells you that you should completely drain and refill your hot tub every 100 days. There are also test strips called TDS — Total Dissolved Solids— that is a sufficient determinant of water change.

If you find the calculation and testing too bothersome, a general rule of thumb is to drain your tub every 3-4 months. Draining regularly will make it easier for you to maintain a balanced water chemistry level. There are also some obvious visual signs such as foamy or cloudy waters that let you know it’s time to change the water. If you notice a weird smell, chances are the chemical balance is off, and the hot tub needs new water. Balancing chemical levels is key in changing the water in your hot tub. The better you maintain your chemistry levels, the easier and less time-consuming changing water will be.

If you haven’t used your hot tub for a long time. First fill up the hot tub, drain completely, then refill again. Since the pipes and filters have not been left unused, there could be dust, or other residue. So flushing the pipes with water will perform a preliminary cleaning of your hot tub. When you’re draining the water, it’s a good idea to clean the jets and plumbing as well. A better-circulated plumbing system will ensure fresher and clearer water.

Keeping the water clean will not only make your hot tub experience more enjoyable, it is also to the best interest of your health and well being. Feel free to book an appointment today if you have more questions and concerns regarding specifically how often you need to change your hot tub water. At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, we specialize in all things hot-tubs, and we will provide you with personalized and professional advice. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 905-294-8030, or our toll free number 1-888-494-8030, or by email at

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