Building Inground Pools – Design Elements. Building Materials. Construction Process.

Building inground pools is not just about building materials and construction – it’s very much about hiring a good contractor to do the work. As a company, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs has been building inground pools for more than over 35 years, and has established a sound reputation in the industry for quality workmanship. Whether it’s a large project or small, customers are the priority, and we do our best to meet their pre-requisites and satisfy their expectations. Our aim is full satisfaction.

Inground pools are a major investment. That’s why it’s so important to contract a company that can make the investment worthwhile. At Seaway Pools, our approach to building and construction is simple: quality products, professional workmanship, and exceptional service. Our team of pool specialists works alongside each client – they identify the physical requisites of the job; they determine the special “wish” list; and they assess the budget parameters to keep everything on track.

For the team at Seaway Pools, inground pools begin at the design stage. Our talented designers prepare various project concepts, all based on the client’s dream swimming pool. They then present an illustrated version of the finished product, including the pool, the landscaping, and the amenities. For all of our inground pools, there is always time to make changes, adjustments, and alterations. The priority, of course, is to ensure that every client is on the receiving end of maximum dollar-value.

Seaway Pools belongs to The Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada. It’s an assurance of the highest standards of quality in everything we do. We provide warrantees on the products we install, and a guarantee on everything we build. When it comes to inground pools, our people are committed to being the best – and they stand fully behind our products and our workmanship. Above all, our focus isn’t on “fine print” limitations like other contractors – we just strive for customer satisfaction.

To ensure long life, inground pools must be quality built. Seaway Pools constructs with a two-stage concrete bottom, and we guarantee the pool’s structural integrity. We install galvanized steel, and we use gravel back-fill to ensure that optimum drainage is achieved. And when the project is completed, our company owner and president, Craig Walters, supervises the quality control phase, providing a personal stamp-of-approval when each of our inground pools has reached completion.

Seaway Pools builds inground pools on the basis of best construction practices. Our people don’t take construction shortcuts; they follow prescribed by-laws; and everything is built to code. In the end, we’ll build the pool you’ve been dreaming of – you’ll enjoy the amenities and you’ll love the fabulous environment. Above all, our people are always here to serve – with after-market service that includes parts and equipment, as well as regular maintenance packages.

For more immediate, seasonal needs, our retail staff is at your service at one of our two retail stores (one located in Markham, the other in Newmarket). They are informed, knowledgeable, and always with great advice.

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