Building a Backyard Pool? What You Should Look For When Hiring a Pool Builder.

If you’re thinking about building a backyard pool, there are some fundamental basics to be considered. And while there are also some “common sense” basics, every homeowner, every property, and every budget is different. A backyard pool is a major home improvement project by any measure. The project entails many moving parts, and much to juggle – but bottom line, EVERYONE has to hire a pool builder to do the work. This is a tough task, and reinforced by industry professionals, who agree that it’s the most critical factor in terms of ensuring a successful project. Hiring a reliable, reputable and experienced pool builder is key.

Before hiring a pool builder, it’s important to know what to look for. Then, it’s a matter of actually finding the builder that fits the bill. Quite simply, it’s about doing the homework, and while a professional backyard pool builder can advise and instruct, a current swimming pool owner is the ideal sounding board for real-time, real-life advice. Current pool owners will tell you what TO DO and what NOT TO DO – information that is both valuable and objective. Overall, homework is a must, and can make the difference between a project that is fully successful and one that might become a horror show with unforeseen consequences.

Probably the most important attribute for a pool builder is experience. For you, the homeowner, you’ll want a contractor who has experience building the type of backyard pool you’ve decided on. And an experienced contractor can offer valued guidance with regard to design options, construction options and landscaping options. Most important is a contractor who will make recommendations based on YOUR needs and in YOUR interest – not based on what they have to sell this season. Beyond this, an experienced contractor will be able to complete the project from end to end – guaranteed. Empty promises do not move the project further.

Building a backyard pool is a serious investment. It’s therefore vital to invite more than one project bid, and even more vital to compare apples and apples. A comprehensive project estimate will also be telling about the pool builder. Are all the costs upfront? Has every aspect been covered? Is there room for negotiation? These are all valid questions, with answers that a good pool contractor is only too happy to provide. In addition, the confident builder is ready to provide references – after all, nothing beats getting a referral from a previous customer who is happy with the work performed and with the finished product.

Background-checking a pool builder is also part of the process. It could be a simple Google search, or it could be an inquiry at the Better Business Bureau, but either way, it’s important to get a sense of business history. Companies who belong to recognized professional associations are likely bound by standards of business practice and building practice – and that’s very good. Finally, let’s not forget chemistry – if things don’t feel right between yourself and the builder, why even proceed?

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