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What’s the Best Time of Year to Buy a Hot Tub?

For most shoppers, the best time of year to buy a hot tub is when a retailer is offering special prices and sales promotions. For some, the autumn (and end of the year) is best – that’s when retailers are clearing out existing inventory as they prepare for the next model year.

Whatever the time of year, it’s important to shop wisely. And that means buying a hot tub based on both PRICE and NEED. While we all love a good deal, a hot tub is a major purchase, so it’s key to choose the features, options, and accessories that will best fit your “wish list”.

The best time of year to buy a hot tub is during a sales promotion

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, the Beachcomber Fall Promotion offers you the best hot tubs on the market, with substantial savings, and enhanced features at no additional cost. These hot tubs are loaded with premium accessories and features, and large enough for the whole family. During the Beachcomber Fall Promotion, you can choose from 3 hot tub models at 3 different price points.

Save up to $5,203 while supplies last!

  • Model 380 AE – 102 Jets – with 7 Seats

(loaded with premium accessories and features)

$14,575  Now $10,499  SAVE $4076

  • Model 590 AE – 128 Jets – with 7 Seats

(loaded with premium accessories and features)

$17,304  Now $12,699  SAVE $4605

  • Model 750 AE – 192 Jets – with 8 Seats

(loaded with premium accessories and features)

$22,202  Now $16,999  SAVE $5203

These accessories and features at no extra cost

  • Air Connect – Bluetooth Sound System

Wireless Surround Sound

FREE  Regular $1198     

  • Crescent Moon – LED Lighting Feature

State-of-the-Art Lighting

FREE  Regular $699

  • Roman Arch Waterfall Feature

Cascading Stream of Water

FREE  Regular $399

Right now, during the fall, is the best time of year to buy a hot tub

Right now, with the Beachcomber Fall Promotion, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs has some of the best deals of the season. Seaway understands hot tubs from top to bottom – they know all about the features and accessories – and they can recommend the model that will best suit your needs.

As a consumer, you’ll naturally want to choose the best time of year to buy a hot tub. And with Seaway, you’ll even be able to do a “test soak” at one their retail locations. More than that, when you buy from an authorized dealer, you get the expert installation and manufacturer’s warranty.

If you’re currently shopping for a new hot tub (or replacement), Beachcomber is one of the better options at any time of year. But during the Fall Promotion period, you can take advantage of the substantial savings on the model of your choice, and benefit from the special features at no cost.

This fall may well be the best time of year to buy a hot tub

As an authorized Beachcomber Hot Tub distributor, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs will show you how superior quality can make a big difference. Every Beachcomber hot tub is fully warrantied by the manufacturer, and every installation is guaranteed.

After purchase, you’ll be more than satisfied with our after-market service, and our team of hot tub experts. If you want to “try out” a hot tub before buying – be our guest! Have a “test soak” at one of our retail stores in Markham or Newmarket.

Find out more about the Beachcomber Fall Promotion by calling Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs at 905-294-8030 or visit our company website at .

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