The Benefits of a Vinyl Lined Swimming Pool in Vaughan

Whatever the swimming pool option, this is a major investment for most homeowners. And while budget considerations are always top-of-mind, a quality approach to installation is what delivers the years and years of satisfaction and enjoyment. For many, it’s all about making that swimming pool dream come true:  with water features, lighting décor, and even fire fixtures. But substance is also important – like quality stonework, safety considerations, and attractive landscaping.

Vinyl-lined In-ground Swimming Pools

When it comes to an in-ground swimming pool, homeowners want to be fully assured of the construction integrity. At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, everything is custom – the concrete bottom; the steel reinforcement; the polymer walls; andsunglasses by vinyl pool vaughan the vinyl liner. In-ground pools are back-filled with gravel, in order to ensure proper drainage, and every project subscribes to best construction practices. There are no construction shortcuts, and everything abides by the building code.

Seaway insists on the best plumbing, valves, and fittings for every pool, regardless of size. In-house installers are members of the Kafko™ Pro Builder Network, a group of pool professionals committed to the highest standards. This type of commitment means that there is no “fine print” for the homeowner to worry about. It’s unique in the pool industry. From fabulous design ideas to excellent “after-market” service, 100% satisfaction is the objective from end to end.

The Seaway team works closely with every customer. The objective is to clarify project requisites, budget limitations, and everyone’s personal “wish list”. Overall, it’s important to ensure optimum dollar value. And with Seaway, homeowners can rest assured they are getting the best advice on pool size, shape, location, and finishing features. When construction is complete, Seaway is on hand to advise on general maintenance, day-to-day needs, and long-term pool care.

Vinyl-lined Above-ground Swimming Pools

For some homeowners, an above-ground swimming pool is the most cost-effective option for the backyard. At Seaway, pools are Canadian made and designed to withstand the extremities of the Canadian climate. A range of all-resin models is available in shapes and sizes to suit virtually any backyard. Above-ground pools from Seaway are fitted with Hayward Pool Products, including top quality filters, pumps, and heaters. These pools provide many summers of enjoyment.

Installing an above-ground swimming pool allows a homeowner to stay within budget, without compromising on quality.  With a focus on superior workmanship, Seaway installs top-quality valves, plumbing fittings, and water-care packages. In short, a highly skilled team of installers will do it all, from start to finish.  For those who might prefer to go the DIY route, Seaway also has a large selection of pool kits, in stock and available for immediate home delivery.

Seaway belongs to The Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada, following a strict code of ethics, and ensuring a high standard of installation. With two retail locations, in Markham and Newmarket, customer service is never far away. Seaway stocks pool supplies and replacement parts for most every need. And the staff is always available with advice and assistance. For more information, call the showroom at 905-294-8030, or visit the website at

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