At What Temperature Should a Hot Tub Be Set?

First things first – finding the “perfect” water temperature

For every hot tub owner (newbie or veteran), the best approach is to test different water temperatures from the start. It doesn’t have to be a major science project, but a good assessment will set the stage for the entire season. In general, it’s accepted that 40C° (or 104F°) is a maximum – that means that anything below this will be safe – in other words, there is no right or wrong temperature. The key is to find a water temperature that is “perfect” for you (and your family). And water temperature in a hot tub is all about the experience.

General facts and figures about hot tub water temperature

Industry statistics show that most hot tub users prefer water temperatures that range from 37.5C° to 39C° (99.5°F-102°F). As mentioned, 40C° (104F°) is considered the maximum for safety. For pregnant women, it’s wise to ask a physician about what’s safe. As well, it’s recommended that children under 6 not be in a hot tub with a temperature that is over 35C° (95F°). For that matter, children of that age should not be sitting in a hot tub for much longer than 5-10 minutes. Needless to say, safety in the hot tub far outweighs the comfort.

Taking advantage of the healing powers of hot tub water

After establishing a “perfect” water temperature, it’s time to take advantage of the healing powers of the hot tub. And while “perfect” may not be everyone, its wise to decide on a temperature range, because raising or lowering the temperature may increase utility costs. As for health benefits, hot tubs are both therapeutic and relaxing – it means that everything from muscle pain to blood pressure to insomnia will benefit. But again, consulting with a physician would be a good idea, and especially for those suffering from specific ailments.

Important to know about hot tub temperature controls

A high quality hot tub, with quality temperature controls, will only heat to a maximum of 40C° (104F°). Even so, most hot tub contractors recommend that a water thermometer be inserted into the hot tub to confirm the temperature, and any variance. For those who want to ensure energy efficiency, it’s important to know that lowering water temperature after using the hot tub is NOT recommended – it just increases wear and tear on the heating element, and does NOT save measurably on electricity. A good hot tub cover is preferred.

As with anything, it’s best to be well informed – and with hot tubs it’s no different. Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is a leader in the industry, selling and installing top brands like Beachcomber™. Unlike some other brands, Beachcomber™ offers a sound warranty without “fine print”. As for installation and service, the team at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs handles everything from full installations to routine maintenance. We often help our customers with operational issues, ongoing maintenance procedures, even health and safety protocols.

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