9 Secrets Pool Companies Don’t Tell You

There are many pool companies in Ontario. How do you know which of these pool companies are going to give you the swimming pool of your dreams and which one is going to leave you stranded in the deep end?

To help you determine which company is swimming laps around the competition, we are sharing nine secrets that pool companies don’t tell you.

1. Not all pools are created equally

A good pool company will use subpar materials to give you a pool that lasts a few years. A great pool company will use the best materials to build you a pool that lasts for many, many, many years.

2. Don’t neglect the deck

What’s the point of having a beautiful swimming pool only to surround it with an ugly deck? The builder knows this and if they don’t tell you, find a new pool company ASAP.

3. Complications could happen

Expect delays. Pool building is an art but sometimes complications occur. An experienced pool company knows this and will tell you up front.

4. Don’t compromise your tastes

If a company says they can build you a custom pool then they should be able to do it. You shouldn’t have to compromise your tastes because the builder is lazy and doesn’t want to do the work.

5. A trust-worthy technician is a must

Unless you are a trained pool technician you may not know how to care for your pool. Make sure that you trust the technician hired to clean and maintain your pool. While most companies work with the best people, there’s always a few that slip through the cracks. (More on that below).

6. Choose reliable over flashy

Bigger companies don’t always know best. Some of the larger pool companies hire people that are inexperienced with the hopes that they’ll eventually gain experience or cut corners to save money and gain profit. However, this doesn’t always work out for you, the customer. Sometimes finding a smaller pool company that has experienced staff and years of industry experience, is the best approach. Whatever the case big company or small… do your research first!

7. Keep it inclusive

A pool company should be charging you a flat rate for chemical services. Unfortunately, not all of them do. You shouldn’t have to shell out additional costs for chlorine unless your pool requires a special chemical.

8. Parts, parts and more parts

Swimming pools require the occasional repairs that almost always require parts. When you get new parts for your pool, make sure that they are new. Some companies will charge you crazy prices for parts they claim are new, but are actually used.

9. Read the contract thoroughly

Before signing anything, make sure you read the contract. It will be full of legal jargon that you may not understand. Don’t panic, most of us don’t understand half of what’s written in contracts and all it takes is a quick Google search to make sure you’re not drowning.

Finding the right place to buy your swimming pool in a sea of pool companies can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. Please do not hesitate to contact Seaway. We’ll answer your questions and ensure you get the exact pool of your dreams.

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