5 Great Health Benefits of Your Hot Tub

For those who are thinking of buying a hot tub, there’s plenty to think about – like the size, shape, location, and even the fancy features. But there’s more – like the health benefits of your hot tub. Cleary, everyone will derive different benefits, but there are a few that will satisfy everyone. All things considered, the health benefits of your hot tub should make the investment worthwhile.

1. One of the better health benefits of your hot tub

It’s been shown that exposure to warm temperatures (but not at extremes) can elevate mood. When winter hits Canada, moods are affected by cooler temperatures and and less sunlight. Warmth actually accounts for “mood lift” and warming up the skin stimulates the whole body. So it makes sense that a dip in the warm waters of a hot tub will noticeably elevate mood.

2. Warm hot tub water can improve joint pains

Movements in a hot tub feel weightless because the body is floating. And because floating reduces the pull of gravity, there is much less stress on joints and stiffness. When it comes to pain relief, soaking in warm water has proven to be one of the oldest therapies, and one of the added health benefits of your hot tub.  Beyond joint pain, research shows positive results with lower back pain.

3. Warm up in the hot tub – stretch sore muscles

While it’s true that warm water is totally relaxing, it’s also a great environment for movement. In fact, simple stretching exercises inside the hot tub can benefit muscle flexibility and stiff joints (even after getting out). Because warm water stimulates blood flow, soaking and stretching can provide relief for low back pain, sore muscles, and other more complex inflammatory ailments.

4. “Happy” hormones are released when soaking in the hot tub

The relaxation benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy have been shown to elevate the body’s so-called “happy” hormones. Regular hot tub soaking increases blood flow, deepens the breathing, and heightens oxygen to the brain. All together, these have a positive impact on mental and physical stress. At the end of the day, the “happy” hormones are one of the health benefits of your hot tub.

5. Hot tubbing allows body and brain to unwind

Psychologists agree that solitude in the hot tub allows for body and brain to unwind. It’s an ideal atmosphere for rest and replenishment. Without any distraction, solitude gives the body a chance to relax, and the mind a chance to clear. Regardless of the time of year, hot tubbing is the perfect opportunity to revitalize mind and body. For many, it’s the recipe for regeneration every day.

When it comes to health claims, hot tub enthusiasts should be well informed. And while some of the health claims are exaggerated, many health professionals do recommend hot tub soaking for the benefits. There are also reputable studies and statistics that substantiate many of the health benefits. Contact Seaway Pools and Hot Tubs for more information and a free quote at 905 294-8030 or fill out our form here contact-us.

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