2-person beachcomber hot tub jets neck massage energy efficient

Is a 2-person hot tub the right option?

While a hot tub is certainly a luxury, it doesn’t always have to be an expensive undertaking, and especially if it’s a 2-person hot tub (rather than a multi-person tub). The truth is, not everyone likes a crowd, and a 2-person hot tub can accommodate personal needs quite well. Good to know, smaller hot tub models can provide the same amenities and features as the larger model tubs.

Does a smaller 2-person hot tub necessarily cost less?2-person beachcomber hot tub jets neck massage energy efficient

With hot tubs, smaller size does not necessarily mean a lower price. A high quality brand, along with some fancy features, will affect the price of a hot tub more than size. It’s like anything else – you get what you pay for. And with a 2-person hot tub, the costs and features are no different.

For some, a 2-person hot tub provides the ideal retreat – it’s personal, intimate, and private. The compact size actually allows for more flexibility, particularly if space is an issue. As for the special features and accessories, purchasing a small tub doesn’t mean sacrificing any luxury or comfort.

Considering the features of a 2-person hot tub

  • BEACHCOMBER hot tubs lack for nothing, and soothing relaxation is always included. The small two-person hot tub allows for comfortable lounging, with up to 60customizable jets designed to target specific pressure points all over the body.
  • BEACHCOMBER is environmentally conscious, and therefore very focused on energy efficiency.  Every hot tub, large or small, is maximized for energy efficiency, so that operating costs are low (they are amongst the most energy efficient).
  • BEACHCOMBER builds a worry-free hot tub – and it’s backed up with a 100% guarantee. This is not a “limited warranty” like some competitors offer. It’s a company guarantee that promises the best quality hot tub, and for many years to come.

It’s a small hot tub – but with the same great health benefits

2-person hot tub beachcomber model 520

Even with a smaller hot tub, there’s no sacrifice on the health benefits. From pain relief, to stress release, to general wellbeing, hot tubs provide many health benefits that make it all worthwhile.

  • Hot tub use provides a combination of buoyancy and heat to relieve muscle tension and fatigue.
  • Massage jets provide therapeutic stimulation that release of endorphins (the natural painkiller).
  • A short hot tub soak can actually lower blood pressure (it’s less stressful than an exercise bike).
  • With arthritis, applying heat to arthritic joints has proven to minimize the pain and discomfort.
  • Regular hot tub use promotes weight loss when combined with diet and/or physical exercises.
  • Soaking in a hot tub before bedtime helps to fall asleep, while providing a deeper, relaxing sleep.
  • Seaway Pools offers the best prices in the industry

Small hot tub or large, Seaway Pools offers the best prices from BEACHCOMBER. Once installed, homeowners can take advantage of hot tub maintenance packages on a regular basis. And if there’s something “off” with the water, it’s easy to bring a sample in for a free water analysis. For those who aren’t completely sure about what to buy, the best option is to come in for a “wet test”.

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