Winter Safety Tips For Your Backyard Pool

When most people think of pool safety, the winter months may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, if you don’t put proper precautions in place for your pool in the winter, it can be very dangerous. Here are some tips to help you ensure that your pool remains a safe space throughout the winter.

A pool fence is crucial for kids safety

One of the most important precautions to take both in the winter and all year round is to ensure that an appropriately sized fence is in place. Try to have a self-latching and self-closing gate that remains closed for the duration of the winter. This is such an important measure to prevent children from accidentally exploring the pool in the off season.  Unsupervised children are those at most risk of endangering themselves so it is crucial to never allow your little ones to play near the pool in the winter and to always be accompanied by an adult if near the pool.

Winter pool maintenance makes summer opening much easier

Homeowners who properly manage winter pool maintenance are also setting the stage for a much easier opening in the spring or summer. The fact is, with an organized approach, it doesn’t take much work or effort – and the results are well worth it.

Pool covers are an integral part of winter pool maintenance

Besides providing excellent security and safety, a good quality pool cover will prevent damage and save on energy consumption. Today, in most northern climates, pool covers are simply an essential component. They keep undesirable debris out of the pool. And in winter, a good pool cover can prevent potential damage from the elements – especially snowfalls and freezing rain.

Whether the option is an automated pool cover or a manual cover, it could be said that winter pool maintenance begins effectively covering the swimming pool. High quality pool covers will provide a tight fit and ensure a complete protective closure. Covering the pool, particularly as the fall approaches, will keep the water clean and allow for less maintenance when its time to open.

The winter months can really inflict a beating on your pool and potentially damage it, rendering it unusable during the months you most need it. The most effective way to counteract this is to purchase a cover for your pool that is designed specifically for winter. Covers come in all different types of shapes and styles but the most important thing to consider is the amount of snowfall you’ll be expecting. Here in Canada we can usually anticipate a higher snowfall than most and we should prepare by getting a cover that can support the weight of that snow. Covers are also a great way of adding an extra layer of security to prevent any unwanted pests from making that pool of yours into their new winter home.

Watch out for frozen pipes

The problem with winter freezing is that parts can freeze, and when plumbing pipes freeze, they can crack. Any type of damage like this can be costly, so preventive maintenance is worthwhile. For some, winter maintenance service from a reliable pool company might be the ideal option.

Though most will hate to accept it, the mercury is bound to drop below freezing and taking care of your pipes becomes a prime priority. Depending on the exact model of your pool there are instructions on how to drain your pipes and ensure they don’t freeze. This is such a crucial part of winterizing your pool and can save you massive headaches come springtime.

Winter pool maintenance should include a full system check

Proper winter pool maintenance should always include a full system check – mainly to prevent any chance of freezing. A system check would include all of the plumbing and all of the motorized parts. As well, it’s important to drain water from the pump, the pool heater, and the water filter.

Keep the pool area clear & storage organized for next summer

Not to forget, the fall and winter is a good opportunity to clean up around the pool area; to stash away furniture; to organize the storage area; and to safely dump old chemicals. All of this will make for a much easier spring/summer opening and a fresh start to the next swimming season.

The fall may also be a good time to trim trees and shrubs, instead of waiting for the spring to do a major clean up. This type of maintenance will prevent damage to the pool cover and will lessen the workload when it’s time to open up the pool. It’s always good to properly close the pool.

Adding chlorine chemicals to the pool ensures a clean opening

Prior to winter closing, adding chlorine (and algaecide) to the pool water is recommended. This should be done according to manufacturer specifications because of the chemical nature. In the spring thaw, chlorine is added again. Both chlorine applications can be hired out to a pool expert.

When its time to open the pool, all of the work and effort from the fall and winter will pay off. This is especially true if the pool has been well covered and well protected. However, opening the pool will require it’s own protocol, which is equally important in ensuring longevity for the pool.

Preparing for winter can be daunting and yet it is something that needs to be done. It is much easier when you have support and assistance from our experts at Seaway Pools & Tubs. From finding the most apt fence and gate system to helping you choose the cover you need, our experts are happy to help and always available to find the perfect fit for your pool.  Especially when it comes to your pipes, our experts are more than happy to walk you through the process of draining and winterizing your pipes. This winter, be prepared to tackle whatever the season throws at you, and rest assured that the entire team is here to help you whenever you need. Give us a call at (905) 294-8030 and stay safe!

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