The Benefits of Choosing an In Ground Vinyl Liner Pool

After deciding on a size, shape and location of your dream swimming pool, it will come time to decide on the type of swimming pool you want. And when contemplating the option of an in ground vinyl liner pool, there are a number of considerations required. A good pool contractor can easily explain the pros and cons of an in ground vinyl liner pool, and can also recommend which option would be best for your specific needs and situation.

Probably the main benefit of an in ground vinyl liner pool is the initial, upfront cost – this is the most economical of all construction options. And it’s primarily because the material costs and the labor costs are lower. Additionally, a vinyl liner pool allows for much more flexibility in terms of pool size and shape. This is because the actual vinyl liner is designed and manufactured to perfectly fit the curves and contours of the finished swimming pool.

Amongst the various construction methods, the in ground vinyl liner pool has become one of the more popular options in Canada, and mainly because of the many benefits derived. And while there are pros and cons to every custom built swimming pool, vinyl liner pools provide more construction flexibility and design possibilities than the other alternatives. At the end of the day, however, the homeowner has to determine and decide the best way.

An in ground vinyl liner pool allows for virtually unlimited options in terms of shape and size of pool. For customers with specific size pre-requisites, this flexibility is ideal.

Because of technology developments and product improvements, vinyl liners have much longer lifespans today than in previous years. They are resilient and hardwearing.

Today, vinyl swimming pool liners are so perfectly fit that they look almost painted on. They are available in various colours and patterns, providing a beautiful, high-end finish.

Although durable, a damaged pool liner can be “patched” with identical vinyl material, resulting in a virtually invisible repair (and without the need to drain the pool).

Vinyl liner pools are easier to transport to a site, and easier to assemble and install than other construction methods. Hence, the price (with installation) is more reasonable.

Because of the native material, a vinyl liner does not require re-painting or re-plastering, once installed. This is quite cost-effectiveness, when compared to other constructions.

A quality vinyl liner is treated with “algae inhibitors” and “UV inhibitors” that will protect against deterioration, premature fading, and sun damage. Longer life is thus ensured.

Using leading-edge technology and computer-aided cutting machinery, vinyl liners will fit the pool “like a glove”. In some cases, the higher quality vinyl liners are proprietary.

Beyond the attendant pros and cons of installing a vinyl-lined, inground pool, there are some fundamentals to keep in mind for any project. Importantly, the quality of the work should be assured – and that includes the integrity of the construction, the quality of the products used, and the customized fit of the vinyl liner. As well, finishing touches like decking, landscaping and lighting should be part of the consideration process.

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