Swimming Pool Contractors in Toronto

Amongst the countless swimming pool contractors in Toronto, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs sets a high standard for quality and service. We have designed and built thousands of swimming pools (and hot tubs), and have won many industry awards over the past 35 years. Most importantly, we appreciate the huge investment that each customer is making.

When it comes to pool construction, it’s essential to hire a pool building company that’s reputable, reliable, and committed. And when choosing from the many swimming pool contractors in Toronto, it’s essential to choose a company that promises quality products, superior workmanship, and excellent customer service. Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs fits those criteria.

With such a wide range of swimming pool contractors in Toronto, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs has established a reputation that is based on three principles: installing the best quality products on the market; providing the highest standard of building construction; and offering excellent customer service from the early design stages to the final landscaping.

The Benefits of Working with Professional Pool Contractors

Inground saltwater pool and stone walkway installed by Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs contractors

From design to construction, the team at Seaway is attentive to customer wishes and wants. With an understanding of physical conditions, special requests, and project budget, in-house pool specialists go about creating the dream swimming pool. And that includes everything from waterfalls and lighting fixtures, to fencing and patterned stonework.

In short, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs can do it all – from new construction, to rebuilding, to renovating, to retrofitting.  In fact, many past customers return for upgrades from time to time. There may be a need to fit a new pool liner. There may a need to rebuild the concrete around the swimming pool. Or, it may be time to upgrade the water or lighting features.

Unlike other swimming pool contractors in Toronto, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs provides post-construction customer service. There are two retail stores (Markham and Newmarket) stocking all types of parts and equipment, and a retail staff that is always ready to help. Our people understand water chemistry and can offer advice on a wide range of pool issues.

Types of Pools Seaway Installs

Whether you are looking for inground or above ground, chlorine or salt-water, all our pool designs are custom-built and expertly installed. Each project is directly overseen by our company owner and President, Craig Walters, from start to finish to ensure full customer satisfaction. We have three main options for backyard pools, outlined below, including the option to make your dream pool saltwater.   

Vinyl-Lined Inground Pool

Our vinyl lined inground pool design is completely custom-built from top to bottom. The overall design includes a custom-fit (true-fit) vinyl pool liner with galvanized steel walls, and sturdy a 2-stage concrete bottom. In order to optimize drainage, our vinyl-lined inground pools are also gravel back-filled. Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs can help you custom build your inground pool, from inspiring ideas to opportunities for custom features and landscaping. Starting with a conceptual design, our team of experts will help you customize your pool and backyard space. We offer dozens of shapes and sizes for our inground pools and many options for steps and entryways. Equipment can also be selected to optimize the sanitation system, plumbing system, water pump, heating system and energy efficiency. The vinyl liner selections vary in colour and design and offer long-life warranties up to 25 years! In addition to the structural design and function of the pool, we can then help you select custom add-ons, such as a robotic vacuum system, water or light features or even automation of pool maintenance.

Vinyl-Lined Above Ground Pool

         Above ground swimming pools are a cost-effective option to get the benefits of a backyard swimming pool. At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, our pools are built in Canada to withstand the extremes of the Canadian climate. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes in an all-resin model (ideal for saltwater pools) that can suit practically every backyard design. Above ground swimming pools also come in a variety of sizes to fit most backyards. We also offer options to help you heat your above ground swimming pool. Available options include gas heating, heat pumps and solar heating. Our team can help you decide what size and features fit best with your vision and backyard. All our above ground swimming pool designs are equipped with top quality Hayward Pool Products, including pumps, filters, heaters and lighting systems. Of course, if you prefer a DIY approach to your above ground swimming pool, we have a wide selection of above ground kits available for immediate delivery.

Semi-Inground Pool

         Semi-inground pools are an excellent option, especially if you have a backyard that is limited in size. A semi-inground pool is a cross between an above ground pool and a fully-inground pool. We offer a variety of design opportunities for the structure of the pool and any surrounding landscaping. There are three basic semi-inground pool options you can choose from, and then customize to fit your vision. This includes an oval semi-inground pool that resembles a more traditional-style swimming pool, a rectangular semi-inground pool or a round semi-inground pool, the most symmetrical of the three styles. Each option can then be further customized for size to fit the dimensions of your backyard. We also offer stains and finishes in different colours to complement the design of your backyard, including high-quality wood products. Semi-inground pools are insulated, equipped with a durable vinyl liner and can be combined with accessories such as water features, pergolas, cabanas, plants, stonework, patios and more.

Saltwater Option

         Many homeowners associate a saltwater pool with relaxing visions of the ocean. However, saltwater pools use a salt chlorine generator for the purposes of sanitation! This unique system is very different from a conventional swimming pool with a level of salt concentration that allow you to swim without leaving skin and hair with a salty residue and is undetectable by human taste buds. The overall system can generate chlorine salt through an electrolysis process that eliminates the necessity for traditional chlorine tablets or granule materials required for sanitizing and cleaning inground swimming pools. The saltwater pool system is designed to continuously process salt and maintain the balance and sanitation of the pool. In terms of maintenance, heavy rain or pool activities can still affect the overall salt concentration. One of the benefits of the chlorine derived from salt is that it doesn’t smell like bleach and is gentle on skin and hair, allowing the water to feel softer. However, saltwater pools will still require normal maintenance related to pH and water quality, as well as shocking. Talk to our team about ways that you can combine the shocking technology with your saltwater pump or opt for traditional granular products when necessary. Finally, an important consideration when choosing a saltwater pool is the potential corrosiveness of the salt on equipment. Pool owners can opt for “salt friendly” equipment which is designed to resist corrosion and can be included in the design of your new pool.

Experts of Pool Permits

         At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, we can help you with anything related to your backyard pool, from conceptualization to construction to maintenance. We are even experts in permit applications! The City of Toronto can make it very difficult for homeowners to obtain the appropriate permits to build a backyard pool. However, at Seaway, we will do everything in our capacity to help get your permit approved.

Reconstruction and Replacement of Pool Liners

         Homeowners sometimes can be faced with the daunting task of swimming pool renovations or repairs. Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs has designed and built countless backyard pools and can expertly assist with any task related to your renovations or repairs. We provide a variety of a la carte services including pool liner replacements, removal of old concrete to allow for stone renovation, new walk-in steps, or revitalizing your pool with new fire or lighting features. Whatever your vision or requirements, our team of experts can help with your backyard pool needs. Your project always has the option to begin with a landscape concept plan, providing you with a bird’s eye view of the finished concept backyard. Then our inground pool specialists and landscape design team can help curate your perfect backyard. This can include making the necessary repairs or renovations to the actual pool and can then be extended to renovate the entire backyard with options for pergolas, cabanas, waterfalls, stonework and gardening.   

How much does it cost to install a pool?

         When it comes to the cost of installing a backyard pool, we have a variety of options for any budget. Whether you are looking for an above ground, inground or semi-inground pool, our team of experts and designers can help you plan the backyard of your dreams. Contact our team at 905-294-8030 for more information and to request a quote on the cost of your future pool.

Pool Safety Covers

         At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, our team can create a custom pool safety cover designed to optimize protection and save you money overtime. This includes providing enough shade to prevent algae growth and reduce any necessary maintenance when you open your pool. Our pool covers are lightweight, available in multiple colours, custom fit to your pool and block sunlight. We can then help you learn how to use, maintain and remove your custom safety cover so it can continue to protect your pool for many years. For example, here are some important tips for using your pool safety cover. First, always clear your safety cover of dirt and debris with a garden hose or leaf blower prior to removal. Second, remove your safety cover step-by-step starting  in the shallow end. After removing the last few springs, then fold it in on itself in the shallow end, roll up the cover, and place it in a perforated storage bag to drain any excess water. Finally, allow the bag to dry in the sun before storing in a cool place.

Pool Landscaping

         At Seaway Pools and & Hot Tubs we also over landscaping services to help you customize the backyard of your dreams. Our team of experts will work with you to first conceptualize the look of your backyard, including a “bird’s eye view” of the finished product. The Seaway team combines functional and innovative design with extensive construction experience to create your ideal outdoor living space. We can help with every step of the way, including permit applications. We can work with any backyard size or budget to add water and fire features, lighting systems, plants and shrubbery and even luxuries like outdoor kitchens, cabanas, gazebos and more. We offer a variety of styles including modern, natural, low maintenance, Zen, perennial and custom, creating an option to suit any lifestyle.

         At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs we’re passionate about outdoor living spaces and committed to the quality of our projects. Let us make your backyard a highlight of the summer months ahead. For more information and to get started, call us at 905-294-8030.  

Assuring the Highest Standard of Swimming Pool Building Quality

Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs enjoys a stellar reputation among swimming pool contractors in Toronto. As members of the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada, the company is committed to a code of ethics and the highest standard of construction. Seaway is also part of the Kafko™ Pro Builder Network – pool professionals who are committed to being the best.

With Seaway, customer service guarantees and product warrantees do not include “fine print” conditions that are quite prevalent in the industry. This approach applies to new pool construction, renovations, repairs, and maintenance. More importantly, our commitment to customer service continues throughout the life of a project, as well as after completion.

In Toronto, and throughout the GTA, homeowners can rely on Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs for a seamless approach to swimming pool construction and as quality pool builders. It translates into a hassle free experience from design to construction to completion. For more information call Seaway at 905-294-8030 or visit the company website at www.seawaypoolsntubs.com.

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