Soaking Regularly in a Hot Tub Can Dramatically Reduce Back Pain

Soaking in a hot tub is more than just a relaxing and comforting experience. Hot tubs are actually therapeutic – and hot tub hydrotherapy actually works. Hydrotherapy is already in common use for occupational therapy and physiotherapy – and patients routinely get treatment for pain relief. Simply put, hydrotherapy uses water jets and underwater massage to stimulate blood circulation and relieve muscle tension. The water temperature, water buoyancy, and water pressure work in combination to relieve body pain, including the various aspects of back pain.

Heated hot tub water serves to open the blood vessels, and results in improved blood circulation. As for water buoyancy, it allows the body to “float”, and therefore provides therapeutic relief for muscles and joints. Working together, the heat and buoyancy serve to reduce pain. Inside the hot tub, its the powerful water jets that provide hydro-massage – and massage is what eases body inflammation and muscle tightness. Clearly, everyone experiences pain in a different way, with varying degrees of discomfort. And clearly, hydrotherapy effects will differ.

Many studies have shown that therapeutic massage reduces the production of cytokines (related to the body’s response to inflammation). At the same time, cellular function and repair are both stimulated. When looking back at history, hydrotherapy and hot baths have been used with great success by Greek, Russian, and Japanese cultures. And amongst the many benefits, pain reduction (including back pain) was at the top of the list. For those who suffer with back pain, a hot tub can offer a new source of regular relief from discomfort, stiffness, and pain.

It’s important to remember that hot tub hydrotherapy is only one approach. And while it delivers excellent outcomes with pain relief, increased circulation, and reduced stress, there is still a need for safeguards. Most importantly, hot tub hydrotherapy, regardless of medical condition, should be discussed with a physician. Anyone on prescription drugs should be taking extra care, and hot tub temperatures should always be closely monitored. As well, hot tub water jets, water filters and water pumps should be operated based on manufacturer specifications.

Hot tub manufacturers like Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs often highlight the benefits of hydrotherapy for back pain sufferers. And there’s no shortage of studies to illustrate the benefits and outcomes – everything from improved physical mobility, to significant reduction of pain, to stress relief. Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs supplies and installs a wide range of Beachcomber™ Hot Tubs – hot tubs that are known for quality and fully warrantied for performance. Customers can even try them out in the showroom and really experience the therapeutic benefits.

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, the sales team can demonstrate how water jets, water pressure, and high-tech heating controls can deliver optimum results. Indeed, seating design would also be an important feature, especially for those with hydrotherapy in mind. Here, proper support for the body is essential for treating back pain, and even neck pain. Today, with high-tech engineering, water jets can be easily positioned and moved to suit the need. And with “whirlpool” jets, water pressure can be specifically focused on areas that require the most attention.

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