Questions To Ask Your Pool Builder Before Starting Pool Construction

Getting an at-home swimming pool installed is a sure sign of relaxing times ahead. Although it’s an exciting addition to your home, make sure that you’re aware of the precautions to take, and the research you should do before your pool builder start construction. Here are some questions you should be asking.

Q: What will it cost?

It’s important to provide your pool builder with a budget so that he or she can recommend products that work within what you’re willing to spend. There are many different types of cleaning and filtering systems at a variety of price points, so conducting research and consulting with an expert is necessary in ensuring a reliable yet affordable system is in place.

Q: What safety features will be included?

It is important for you and your pool builder to keep essential safety features in mind, specifically features that are required by local safety codes. Some municipalities require that the pool be in an enclosed or fenced area with a functioning lock, in order to ensure optimal safety of all guests and users. For those with young children, or individuals with weaker swimming abilities, alarm features can be installed that alert homeowners if anything enters the water. Customers should consult their pool builders to make an informed decision about safety features. Safety and security features are one of the most important features in pool construction.

Q: What kind of maintenance is required?

Customers should also discuss the maintenance that is required with their choice of pool style. All pools require some level of maintenance, but it is important to choose the amount the fits your lifestyle. Automatic built-in pool cleaners, including saltwater chlorinators ensure that the pool’s chemical levels are balanced automatically, preventing any bacteria or algae from growing inside the pool. Pools can also generate large electricity and hydro charges, so it is important to discuss the “green”, or environmentally friendly levels of your selected pool with your pool builder. Customers can greatly reduce maintenance by ensuring their pool is built to be energy-efficient, with proper hydraulics and appropriate filtration systems. Pool building experts have a wide variety of structures and products offerings to ensure optimal results.

Q: How long will it take?

Customers should additionally be aware of the time installing a pool can take. Similar to any outdoor construction project, weather can delay construction progress, and delay results. Landscaping and additional amenities can also delay the process, which is important to consider when colder temperatures arrive. On average, pool construction lasts about two weeks from start to finish. Consulting with an expert should give a more accurate representation of the construction timeline of each individual pool installation project.

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