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How to Properly Winterize Your Swimming Pool in Toronto

The truth is, even a seasoned pool owner can use some valuable tips when winterizing the pool for the season. If you’re in the process of winterizing your swimming pool in Toronto, have a look at our handy guide to make sure everything is in order.

If you are winterizing your swimming pool in Toronto, you already know that it’s a big job from start to finish, and a big annual responsibility every year. But the results are worth the work – it means less work in spring and an easier pool opening.

Seaway’s Guide to Winterizing Your Inground or Above Ground Pool in Toronto this Season

Do you have an in-ground backyard pool? Here are some guidelines.

If you have an in-ground backyard pool, winterizing your swimming pool may include a number of tasks relative to the outdoor environment. Clearly, you’ll save some work by closing down before the leaves fall – there’s just less clean up to do.

If you have the right equipment and some previous experience, winterizing your swimming pool in Toronto will be easier than a first-timer. But even for a first-timer, there’s always the option of professional help from your pool company or your pool services provider.

Protecting against Freezing

Winterizing is about protecting the pool plumbing and components from freezing up. This is also a good time to inspect everything and to determine if any repairs are required. If so, it’s best to make repairs prior to closing down.

Ensuring Pool Water Quality

By any definition, pool water should be clean, at the correct level, and with balanced pH level. You should follow the manufacturer’s specifications. Often, winterizing chemicals are advised, based on manufacturer’s instructions.

Pool Hardware/Components

If you have the experience, then you might be adept with valves, heaters and filters. Otherwise, leave this part to the experts. Even with winterizing products, if you don’t know how, leave it to the experts to do it properly.

Properly Covering the Pool

A tight and secure pool cover is essential when closing down the pool. From safety concerns to pool protection, a pool cover is the best prevention. And with a high quality product, you’ll get year after year of satisfaction.

A Top Ten List for Winterizing Your Swimming Pool in Toronto

In Toronto, and throughout southern Ontario, your pool closing will likely be implemented when the temperature drops below 15°C. For some, a Top Ten Winterizing Checklist might be valuable.

  1. Gather all the pool closing necessities – tools, equipment, and supplies.
  2. One last good cleaning of the pool – vacuum, brush down, and skim the surface
  3. Test and balance the pool water – good water chemistry is always essential
  4. Add winterizing chemicals – they are designed to help during the cold
  5. Clean and clear your plumbing – it makes for a cleaner opening in spring
  6. Protect your pool skimmer by removing and storing away in a dry place
  7. Winterize your filter and pump – easy to pack away but still important
  8. Clean and stash accessories – protecting everything ensures longevity
  9. Lower pool water – you can rely on your pool company for good advice
  10. Install the pool cover – do it properly the first time for the best results.

When it comes to swimming pool maintenance, it’s always better to spend the extra time to do it right. And when properly winterizing your swimming pool in Toronto, you can rest assured that your pool will weather the harshest of winters. For those who prefer, a pool services provider can do it all – from winterizing chemicals, to equipment storage, to properly covering the pool.

Working with the Pool Professionals at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs

If winterizing your swimming pool in Toronto is getting in the way of other priorities, working with a pool services provider might be the answer. As pool professionals, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs provides a complete range of pool closing (and pool opening) services during the year.

Indeed, for some, a professional approach might be the best. The team at Seaway will recommend the best time to close the pool, and will provide a service package from end to end. Seaway will supply the winter chemicals, suggest required repairs, and perform a complete pool closing.

If you’re in the market for a quality pool cover, Seaway can do that too – with custom pool covers that are designed for both security and protection. Seaway swimming pool covers are fabricated from top-quality materials, available in four colours, and are customized to fit for your pool.

If your pool cover has been damaged and requires replacement, Seaway can replace the cover to the exact specifications of hour pool to fit perfectly. In some cases, replacement may be the best option when closing down the pool (a damaged cover may compromise the pool during winter).

Count on Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs for Pool Closing and Opening

Whether its regular pool maintenance, or seasonal closing and opening, you can count on Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs for superb service. Throughout the season, we can offer weekly maintenance, regular service packages, or professional pool opening and closing when the time is right. We even offer our customers FREE computerized water analysis at either one of our retail outlets.

At Seaway, our retail staff is educated and informed – from pool products to water chemistry. We can answer all your questions, and provide valuable advice to get the most out of your pool, from season to season. And our mobile service team is available for dispatch for a wide range of needs.

With over 35 years of experience, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs has been servicing a generation of customers in the City of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We are considered the leaders in swimming pools and hot tubs, mainly because of our unlimited commitment to our customers.

If you’re ready to close down your pool for the season, contact us directly at 905-294-8030 or visit our website at You can use our online Service Call Request to conveniently book your pool closing for a day and time that’s convenient for you.

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